Parsley: The SDLP must get over itself…

Ian Parsley, the Tory candidate for North Down, (formerly the Alliance Party Euro candidate) has this to say about the SDLP’s hypocrisy on his blog:

…there is the contradiction in the SDLP’s case that an Alliance Justice Minister is somehow unjust. The SDLP used to love cross-community votes in the Assembly when they suited (such as in the good old days when they handed the SDLP the Deputy First Minister position). Now, somehow, we are supposed to believe there’s something wrong with a cross-community vote electing somebody from a cross-community party to do a cross-community job? While it is reasonable to dispute the Alliance Party’s entitlement to the post (and there are certainly contradictions in that party’s stance), no one could doubt that David Ford would do the job with a degree of fairness, competence and integrity that we need more of in Northern Ireland politics, not less.

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