‘Growing your networks’

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re going to be running social media training in Belfast during March. The first session is entitled ‘Growing your networks’ and it will be happening on the Tuesday the 2nd of March. Full details of the whole package of sessions (currently four, but we’re already getting feedback suggesting other themes that people would like to see covered) are on the Slugger Consults website. I’ll be giving you a bit of detail here on each of them over the next few days, but we’ve chosen to start with the ‘Growing Your Networks’ one first mainly because it shows what the possibilities are.

In particular, I think that a lot of people aren’t aware of just how it’s possible to spread yourself among a wide group of people – picking up their conversations about what you are doing, making sure that you’re explaining yourself properly and enjoying one of the real benefits of active engagement – when someone you don’t know comes along and tells you something useful that you didn’t know before – without being paid for it! None of this is possible until you have started to develop and active network – thus the choice of opener here.

Ideally, we’d urge people to consider doing all four sessions – they are designed to compliment each other, and the skills learned in one session can make the other sessions a good deal more worthwhile. We’re keeping the groups nice and small for obvious reasons, and there are only twelve places per session.

If you want to come to some of the sessions but can’t make it on the dates we’re offering – don’t worry. We’ll be repeating them in due course.

We’re also taking orders from organisatons that want us to come and provide this training in-house, and if you’re interested in this, then please email us on admin (at) sluggerotoole (dot) com – and if you can’t pay using a debit card, then just select the ;