Negative reaction to INLA move

Some responses to INLA decommissioning on the Republican Socialist Movement forum haven’t been positive:

“personally, I would be against such a move. It seems that the brits are going to such lengths to see republicans surrender their weapons which to me shows that they still fear the potential militancy of these groups. By taking one part of the struggle out of the equation, they minimise the damage that can be cause to their rule. propaganda wise it’s a major coup for them also.”

“If this is true then its a disgrace, what now is there to differentiate the IRSM from the PRM or groups like eirigi?”

“Mondays statement will be interesting. If this is true i fear that the RSM will lose a lot of support. I would’nt see a difference between PRM sell out and this.”

“i think its a total joke”

“I have to say its a very sad day but lets look ahead to the future for the working class people who we represent.”