Republican reaction to ‘big deal’

Updated to add éirígí video.

Today saw the latest ‘deal’ between constitutional Nationalism and Unionism. Cheerleaders were very much the order of the day in the media but we also saw decent coverage for a dissenting Unionist voice and the not quite dissenting yet UUP.

I’ve cast my eye around Republican websites to see reaction there. éirigí were not only quick out of the traps but seemed to have a fully formed ‘campaign’ ready to go.

First some highlights from their press release:

“While today’s announcement was heavy on spin, it was very light on detail. It is clear, however, that the DUP and Sinn Féin have agreed some form of trade-off on the issues of policing and sectarian marches….

“The document released at Stormont today outlines an 11 month process designed to address the issue of sectarian marches. Like many republicans and nationalists, I wonder if that process will not simply be a charade of consultation with the outcome already decided….

“On the issue of the limited transfer of powers to Stormont, Leeson continued: “I have no doubt that Sinn Féin and the SDLP will present today’s deal as some form of victory for nationalists and republicans. But instead of victory, today’s deal is nothing but the latest in a long line of defeats at the negotiation table….

“The most basic study of Irish history demonstrates that British governments have always been willing to allow loyal subjects to administer British rule in Ireland – once that loyalty has been established beyond question…

“Stormont can no more deliver on policing and justice than it can deliver on housing, healthcare, employment or education”

Now to the page that looks like the start of an anti-PSNI campaign themed ‘Different Name : Same Aim’ (downloadable posters ready to go – that is preparation!)

Republican Sinn Fein’s reaction was a little less polished:

Provos to enforce British Rule

Statement by the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton

With the fervour of political converts the Provos cannot wait to administer
British Police and British Justice in Ireland.

As they don the uniforms and carry the weapons of their one-time enemy, it
can be truly said that the ‘poachers have become gamekeepers.’

When the new ‘Broy Harriers’ take to the streets under Provo direction
history can be accurately said to be repeating itself.

As British rule reaches into the grass-roots in the Six Counties, British
Imperialism in its updated mode seeks to make itself more acceptable. However
history teaches us that it will once more be resisted.

I can’t find anything from the Republican Network for Unity (surprising as that group grew from ‘Concerned Republicans and ex-Prisoners Against the PSNI’), the 32 County Sovereignty Movement or Irish Republican Socialist Party. If you see anything let me know and I’ll update.

Ardoyne Republican has provided a Republican Network for Unity statement in the comments:


The REPUBLICAN NETWORK for UNITY (RNU) spokesperson, DANNY MCBREARTY, responding to the concerns of nationalist residents of areas targeted for Orange sectarian parades, asks” whether the DUP has been given ’product’ in the form of changed procedures designed to ease the way for Orange feet to march down nationalist roads.”

“Today’s deal undermines the legal procedures and mechanisms which have blocked Orange marches from trampling on nationalist victims on the Garvaghy Road and other although not all routes. The DUP, advised by the Orange Order, demanded and is apparently satisfied that the new arrangements will deliver product

“Nationalists were told that Sinn Fein was not playing poker and would not pay the price of Orange feet on the Garvaghy Road, or Ardoyne. Residents of those areas now question whether they have been played like poker chips. Has their right to be free of sectarian Orange parades in their areas been bartered away beneath the political cover of a deal that has satisfied the DUP and Orange Order? Have the DUP and Orange been told that such parades could not be granted outright, but would be delivered in the guise of new arrangements designed to yield results to their liking?

“We challenge Republicans to look at how much has been given up to achieve so little. The entitlement of the SDLP to head the ministry was given up and a DUP veto awarded in exchange for this compromised Stormont ministry. Like constabulary boards and partnerships, this watered down ministry will not make the British constabulary accountable but merely made Sinn Fein accomplices.

“RNU will continue to confer with residents in these areas and will support join with other nationalists and Republicans to support them against any attempt to facilitate Orange marches in their streets.”