Brown to contact NI parties later today

At PMQs, Gordon Brown said in answer to the ritual question to list his engagements said that he “would be in contact with the NI parties later today”. What does this mean? Wake up MSM!

  • scarecrow

    It means he will give them a call, what are you expecting – I think maybe nearer the end of the week before they either pack it in or do a deal, meanwhile it goes on and on and is soooooo boring after all this time.

  • I don’t see how the DUP can do a deal if a significant number of their members find the present offer unacceptable.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    The World does not wait for NI, Unionist parties. the Orange Order.

    Most of it would not miss a beat if NI slipped below the sea.

  • Scaramoosh

    More idle threats ….

  • Dewi

    “I don’t see how the DUP can do a deal if a significant number of their members find the present offer unacceptable”

    How many do you reckon is significant Nevin? Over 25%?

  • I think Robbo may have enough slack to be able to dare them to do their worst. If they force an immediate election, will they stand as independents or as disaffected members, opposed to party policy? It would be a hell of a gamble but it would present some prospect of saving devolution whereas crashing the thing now might not. Unless Robbo rejects the deal, lets SF crash the Assembly and force and election, and then allows himself more time to deal with the problem, presumably in further negotiations before running de hondt.

    By then I think the boredom would have finished us all.

  • jtwo

    Yes wake up MSM, this is stunning develop-zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, sorry where were we?

  • Drumlins Rock

    boring politics is good for people!
    a 5% turnout for elections would be great,
    sport, arts and cultural headlines everyday would be awesome,
    no-one knowing who their MP is would be perfect,
    it would mean evertything is running smoothly

    but we dont live in a perfect world yet..

  • Alias

    “How many do you reckon is significant Nevin? Over 25%?”

    100% of the DUP’s MLAs mandate was secured from their electorate on the condition that P&J would only devolved when the party judged that sufficient ‘community confidence’ was present.

    Does community confidence mean that P&J would be devolved when the public were satisfied that all of the considerable assets that a mafia had accumulated from decades of organised crime were handed over to the State and when they were satisfied that said mafia had fully disbanded – or, in the absence of that, when potential justice ministers no longer provided political cover for their friends in organised crime and that the risk of them using the justice department of State to facilitate organised crime was thereby reduced to an almost acceptable level to allow such expediency?

    Now you can debate what community confidence means but I doubt that those voters assumed that it meant that P&J would be devolved when the party leader needed to extricate himself from some lamentable personal difficulties.

    Devolving P&J in this political climate and under these dismal personal circumstances for the leader would be political suicide for the DUP.

  • Alias

    Corporatively (to use Jeffrey’s word), what happened to the assets that are beneficially owned by PIRA? These include property and investments as well as large amounts of cash. Discounting 40 years of asset accumulation, where did the 25 million from the Northern Bank go and what happened to a similar amount gained from selling terrorist techniques to FARC, or even the 7 million in cash from Libya? These were not, contrary to the helpful spin proffered in some media, dispersed among the rank-and-file as ‘pensions’ but remain within the control of the organisation that acquired them. That organisation contains the Deputy First Minister as one of its two most prominent members. If the Shinners are controlled by the Security Services, then was this money earned by them to fund illegal operations or simply transferred to the State via other means? What happened to this money?

  • Cynic2

    Houses in Donegal?