Will they, won’t they: Day 98 and climbing…

Sorry for the late delivery of today’s first post… that’s because, well, er, nothing’s happening… The St Brigid’s Day Agreement was not to be, and I doubt whether either of these two PR sensitive parties can live with the Groundhog Day Agreement… The FT yesterday seemed to think the DUP is devoid of choice (there’s even mention of certain ‘polls’ which appear not to have made it to the public domain):

Sinn Fein can force an election: polling suggests that, if it does, the DUP will become the junior partner in any coalition. The party now has precious little room for manoeuvre. Furthermore, a recent attack on a Catholic PSNI constable should remind it that the current balance is delicate. Sinn Fein may not be able to hold its current, reasonable position forever. It is time to strike a deal.

My guess is nothing will happen to day, because of the unfortunate name that’s in it not because a deal cannot, or is not to be done… How lofty can you get..?

  • Rory Carr

    I bet our Pete will have something to say on the FT’s determination of Sinn Féin’s “…current… position ” as being “reasonable” (my emphasis) and I doubt if that something will be very flattering.

  • Mick Fealty

    Now now Rory…

  • Chris Donnelly


    Regardless of comment from one of our blog team, it is an extraordinary affirmation of just where the consensual narrative is at this time. The DUPers are agin the wall…

  • Greenflag

    ‘The DUPers are agin the wall…’

    Fine -ready aim fire then I should think .

    Volunteers for the firing squad ?

  • John Joe

    The name of a fresh agrement is surely a non-issue at the moment as we have now exhausted all possibilities for a usable acronym after GFA and StAA.
    Obviously , a St Brigid’s Day or SBDA (Silent But Deadly) was a non-starter as is Groundhog Day or GHD-A (straightens things out but only temporarily and has to be used repeatedly at intervals causing long term damage).
    If we hang on until tomorrow, we’d have the 3rd Febrary 2010 Agreement, or the 3210, which is of course, not only the traditional countdown to disaster, but worringly would continue to 0.

    While that is, obviously, a cause of concern to all involved, I think FT bigging up SFs position over the DUPs would surely be ruffling a few feathers. At the end of the day, though, the topography of nationalist sentiment appears stable, whilst that of the unionist parties is problematic, making the DUP’s exact bargaining position uncertain.

  • David Crookes

    Go for February 3rd. The League of Nations held its first-ever meeting on February 3rd 1919. Or will it distress some negotiators that February 3rd is St Margaret of England’s day?

  • OscarTheGrouch

    Could we just stop paying the local chippie up at Hillsborough and starve them out? …or maybe just tell the staff to go home, and never let on….

  • Mary Ann Evans

    Nolan is tweeting that “two DUP sources” inform him that last night’s meeting was to seek assurances over this summer’s marching season. He concludes, “they are gettin happier about long term”.

    Never thought Nolan an optimist before!