Will they, won’t they: Day 98 and climbing…

Sorry for the late delivery of today’s first post… that’s because, well, er, nothing’s happening… The St Brigid’s Day Agreement was not to be, and I doubt whether either of these two PR sensitive parties can live with the Groundhog Day Agreement… The FT yesterday seemed to think the DUP is devoid of choice (there’s even mention of certain ‘polls’ which appear not to have made it to the public domain):

Sinn Fein can force an election: polling suggests that, if it does, the DUP will become the junior partner in any coalition. The party now has precious little room for manoeuvre. Furthermore, a recent attack on a Catholic PSNI constable should remind it that the current balance is delicate. Sinn Fein may not be able to hold its current, reasonable position forever. It is time to strike a deal.

My guess is nothing will happen to day, because of the unfortunate name that’s in it not because a deal cannot, or is not to be done… How lofty can you get..?