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From Ciara on my Facebook wall…

Day 98 in the Hillsborough House. Peter and Martin still can’t agree. Big Brother calls Peter to the diary room.

  • Banjaxed

    BB- You look worried, Peter.
    PR- So would you if you had my choices.
    BB- Choices, Peter? Do you have any choices?
    PR- Yes, BB, the Choice of Buridan’s Ass.
    BB- I don’t know that video, Peter. Is it on the list?
    PR- Don’t be silly, BB. It’s not a video, it’s about a choice I have to make between a pile of Green grass and a pail of Orange water.
    BB- But you’re the leader, Peter. Make the choice. Just do it. Thank you, Peter. Please send Gerry in when you go out.
    PR- Don’t you go making deals behind my back, BB.
    BB- Thank you, Peter. Goodbye.

  • redhugh78

    More a case of Peter and several of his own party can’t agree.