J&P brought down to earth

Stephen Farry an MLA with a relevant academic background and a member of the Alliance party which is likely to provide the Minster for Justice, has argued recently for “a new focus on finding local solutions (that could make NI) become world leader in aspects criminal justice”. No harm in aiming high Stephen, so I thought I’d list a just a few of the J&P topics that confront a proudly restored Executive and Assembly, with a Justice minister in post. The raw material is in the NIO’s discussion paper. They will have to bring it to political life. Can they measure up? See below the fold. ? Firm decision on a revised parades regime
? Full Executive collective responsibility for all J&P matters
? Guarantee operational independence of crime agencies, police, probation service etc in ministerial code?
? New protocol needed for emergency Army and other UK intervention or is it is entirely an operational matter for the Chief Constable?
? An Assembly committee to scrutinise and feed in local intelligence (in both sense of the term) to minister and Executive.
? Replace the Policing Board with PSNI accountability to the new regime of ministry and Assembly?
? Agreement on MI5 accountability, reserved by UK. No more “securocrat” complaints?
? Decision needed soon on whether to end 50:50 police recruitment
? Clarify PSNI role in restorative justice
? Forge closer links with district policing partnerships and improve their performance
? Instigate a criminal law review for NI conditions
? New Equality Act, Bill of Rights or code to underpin rights and responsibilities?
? Assembly committee to interview (but not ratify) senior judges on appointment?

  • J Kelly

    BBC reporting that OFMDFM questions for thsi afternoon postponed for a week, Brian Cowan has postponed question in Dail it looks like the pieces are being put in place. What is brown doing this afternoon.

  • Brian Walker

    J Kelly.. these questions are post-deal when/if they get down to business..

  • granni trixie

    As you ably demonstrate Brian, J&P is one area where you definately need to do your homework if you are to have any chance of improving systems rather than making them worse. Despite the challenges,I have no doubt Stephen Farry knows what he is talking about.

    Also following the mess made of reforming education system,have the public learnt its best to vote for competant representatives rather than an on the old sectarian basis.

  • Sam Semple

    Howabout Northern Ireland leads the way in a Sarah’s Law?

  • danielmoran

    Is the ‘further clarification’ required by elements in the DUP, an attempt to push the talks process beyond the point where it would be practical in the commons to transfer P&J before the westminster election? If so, surely this is playing chicken with the govts as well as SF. Is Robbo in control of these blockers, and therefore complicit in the stunt? This could be genuine attempt to clarify matters, but who will believe it after what the DUP have been at up till now.