Senior SF member critical of Adams

During Friday’s Michael Reade show on LMFM (Louth Radio station); On foot of text comments about Liam Adams, Deputy Morgan tells Michael he feels his party president, Gerry Adams, badly handled allegations of sexual abuse against his brother.’ The relevant part of the broadcast is at 15m47s but it is worth listening to in full.

“As for the whole story of Liam Adams and how it was handled generally there is certainly no glory in that for Sinn Fein. I’m not proud of how it was handled at all, at all, at all. I think it was handled poorly”

“By Gerry Adams?”

“By Gerry Adams and others… I certainly when I became an officer in the party in I think it was late 96 or early 97 would like to have been told at that point that we had somebody that represented a risk to children in our midst and that we could have took action on the foot of that.

  • lamhdearg

    can anyone update on the liam adams story ie have the guards moved to arrest him.

  • iluvni

    Deputy Morgan is comfortable being surrounded by those who are guilty of many a gruesome child murder, so whats he all squeamish about child rape for?

  • Jimmy_Sands

    “whats he all squeamish about child rape for? ”

    Because it could cost him his seat.

  • joeCanuck

    It was reported a few days ago that preparation of the European Arrest Warrant is almost complete but that it would have to go to Westminster (normal practice), Foreign Office or whatever before being issued.

  • Davros


  • lamhdearg

    thanks joe,i thought i had heard a report it was already released.

  • If I found out Liam Adams was a neighbour of mine, I would feel a little, uneasy? I am quite certain any parent would feel a great deal worse.

    Indeed it has been handled very badly by Gerry Adams and some in Sinn Fein.

  • Scaramoosh

    at all, at all, at all.


  • Marlaghman

    Did you see Gerry on Wednesday durning the GB & Irish PM press conferance, peeping through the crack in the doors.

    Should we worry about him as my mind is working overtime when I saw that (could there be a link)

  • Henry94


    Because it could cost him his seat.

    It would cost them Sinn Fein all their seats in the south if there was an election now. The sad electoral reality is that Gerry Adams has gone from a positive to a negative to a millstone in terms of southern politics.

    If we get a deal on P&J he will have completed a historical project and I believe his place in history will be a positive one and rightly so.

    But we need a 32 county democratic republican party. We need Sinn Fein to be that party.

  • This sounds like the party line to me from Arthur as Adams has already said he didnt handle the affair well.

    I would suggest Gerry has already cleared Arthur’s remarks.

  • Eileen Calder

    Good for Deputy Morgan – maybe this will encourage others to do the same and put the rights of abused children before misguided loyalty to senior party members who have betrayed them.

  • Well done indeed.

    Everyone should understand if stops at sexual assault and child abuse.

    Gerry Adams needs to tell the truth and sort this out. If anyone in S/F or other republican groups have abused or shielded the abusers of children or girls they need to step aside.

  • Qubol

    Eileen Calder: “maybe this will encourage others to do the same and put the rights of abused children before misguided loyalty to senior party members”

    How about putting the rights of victims before friends in the media, eh Eileen?

  • So if I understand it correctly, the official SF policy towards abuse of minors is:
    Sexual abuse – not okay anymore
    Punishment beatings – still okay.
    Interesting that Republican and (presumably also) Loyalist terrorists draw some distinction between raping children and putting bullets in their knees.
    Perhaps the discussion on the issue of abuse of children by terrorists should be broadened? As well as the above, there is also the matter of recruiting youngsters to their “movements”. We condemn that in the developing world, why not in Ulster too?

  • lamhdearg

    if anyone has abused children they should be subject to the law,if anyone from any political party has covered abuse up they should be voted out, i for one would on longer support any politician of whom i belived had done such a thing no matter in what circumstances they had found them selves in.

  • Eileen Calder

    QUBOL -Let me make this abundantly clear: I have known Suzanne Breen and her work PROFESSIONALLY for over 20 years, I have never met with her socially – even to have a cup of coffee, we have only ever talked on the phone or when we ran into eachother in the courts etc – we have never been in eachother’s homes, exchanged birthday or Xmas cards and I am not sure that she has ever even set foot inside our Centre. I am afraid you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, my committment to the rights of survivors is a matter of public record which I do not have to defend to you. Just what has your committment to surivors been and what are your motives? you make scurrilous accusations under a cowardly cloak of anonymity!

  • Jimmy_Sands

    “I am afraid you are scraping the bottom of the barrel”

    I’d like to think so but I suspect that barrel is much much deeper. I’m still waiting for one of these toy soldiers to claim you’re working for MI5

  • wee buns

    Yes. Time for principled republicans (not by any means an extinct species) to add their voice to the debate.
    Here in Donegal we’ve heard the acutely unintelligent response from Pearse Doherty to allegations of child rapists being dumped in It’s too late in the day for such shite. Transparancy is what people want/need from politicians. Ten years ago it would not have been possible for victims to publish their accounts. All was buried.

  • wee buns

    I would advise NOT to feed these desperate creatures by responding to their stupid allegations.
    The women of Ireland are behind you.

  • wee buns

    @ Eileen : incase I was not clear; meaning the remarks made by the likes of QUBOL. You know and I know, and so do MOST women in this country, the truth. SO do not be provoked by ignoramuses on a blog.

  • Republicans are starting to come forward to defend the children. The pressure will increase.

    If a few republicans were abusing children or raping young girls I do not believe the vast majority knew of it.

    A republican on the run was invited into peoples homes, given a home from home. The few who abused the trust put in members of the movement must be named, their filth is risking harming the whole movment.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Eileen I’m certain that many Republicans are behind you and the victims in your quest for justice. Those of us who still believe in justice and truth that is.

    Pay no heed to the anonymous disciples they were born to be led…up the garden path.

  • @ pippakin nr. 22
    Movement? Bowel movement, more like.

    You said: “Republicans are starting to come forward to defend the children.”

    For decades Loyalist and Republican terrorists have been kneecapping and inflicting punishment beatings on kids. Were you taking the piss?

  • Eileen Calder

    @ Dixie & Wee Buns :- I know I should have more sense than to enter into debate with a flock of sheep who can only bleet the party line, but Celebrity BB is over and i have to occupy myself some way. – I have heard more sense from Alex Reid this week than from some of the fools on this Forum.

    I can’t help feeling annoyed by the slurs of Anti- Republicanism coming from some fronts. At the begining of the week they were directed at the Centre – once I had disproved them – they were then levelled at me personally – (they think they can get away with that because I happened to be born into the same religion as Wolfe Tone and Henry Joy McCracken – but they don’t have the guts to express their sectarianism in public).

    Just to be clear I have the full support not just of my colleagues in Belfast but of the Rape Crisis network Ireland too. Yet on Sinn Fein’s website they mention only my name – this is because they do not want their supporters outside the north to know they are at odds with the entire RCC movement in Ireland.

    What is most upsetting is that the attacks come from SF women who I had the highest regard for – but who have refused to discuss the situation with me. I am still waiting for the Sinn Fein Councillor who debated with me on Highland Radio and Ocean to return my call – despite telling listeners in Donegal he was prepared to speak to me.

    Time to go before I start speaking from the heart rather than the head!

  • Bavarian Orange Order

    Be thankful victims are coming forward to disclose the worst of all abuses. The courage they have shown is to be praised and admired. Now some republicans are openly questioning the conduct of former and current leaders.

    No I was not ‘taking the piss’ but I think perhaps you are.

  • wee buns

    Eileen of course there is an agenda to annoy, evade and obfuscate. They would have us all believe, it’s about THEM (not about the victims). It’s becoming clear as the years roll on that the SF leadership is NOT listening to their men OR women at grassroots level, which must be perplexing for members to say the least, but maybe this is the wake-up call that woman republicans especially need.
    Your support is indeed island wide.
    As Irish women make up the majority of the electorate it is very foolish for any party to ignore our concerns given the current climate.

  • Seamus

    TD Morgan was good enough to explain how the party are a lot wiser on the issue at hand (more like under hand)especially since their new constitution in 2006.
    How come the party member now suspended without prejudice only had that same suspension applied after the article first appeared in the tribune and not eleven months ago as implied by the party.
    More so when the Belfast Telegraph first ran with an outline of the story in 2008 which implied that a party member had already been suspended.
    Yet another time line not worth applying to toilet roll.
    Keep up the excellent work Eileen and stand prepared for the usual flak that now accompanies all responses from the bearded one and his cronies and don`t put too much emphasis on who you share a religion with as its only the £ that matters to them.
    Just like to mention that some one is harbouring an (aledged) child rapist within their community, very much likely without their (community) or their childrens knowledge.
    Shame on anyone for doing this and i sincerely hope when it comes out, which it will, who ever it is do not portray themselves as Republicans.

  • Ulick

    Senior SF member critical of Adams

    F**k me, hold the front pages!

  • wje

    Eileen, I’ve only ever met you twice in person. Ignore those on this site who will try to wind you up. Keep doing the work you have been doing for many years and ignore what others think.(irrespective of what others anonymously say on this site or use bum-names to do so.)

  • daisy

    Eileen, can I respectfully request that you don’t contribute to this blog? The work you do is too important to women to have it subjugated by those with little understanding of, or compassion for, the suffering that comes from being abused. You do a good and hugely important job with scant reward, so please don’t involve yourself with those whose agenda is only too obvious. Also, it will probably be [mis]quoted in the press.

  • lamhdearg

    daisy eileen

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    Mr. Morgan stated, ” I would like to have been told at that point that we had somebody that represented a risk to children in our midst”

    fair enough…however is someone considered a risk to children IF a person believes someone they know abused a child and walks about town with the abuser letting the neighborhood think the abuser is an ok guy? There is an element of trust that gerry adams broke when he walked around town with a man he thought was a child abuser and to me that was a huge risk to the children of the community. I wonder if Mr. Morgan believes gerry adams put children at risk by walking around smiling with his brother giving the appearance Liam was an ok guy

  • John O’Connell

    Good point, Kathy C.

  • louth voice

    glad morgan has got his voice and memory back to little to late arthur your still following the party lying

  • Eileen Calder

    I wish it were not necessary for you to continue to comment here, unfortunately I think it is necessary.

    This subject is not yet on every front page. The arrest warrant for Liam Adams has not been produced. I think this terrible scandal needs all the exposure sites like this and people of your stature can give it.

    I do think we are beginning to see cracks in the wall of silence but if pressure is withdrawn that wall could be ‘reinforced’ and that would be a blow to the brave victims who have come forward, and perhaps deter other victims.

  • Paddy

    “6.Eileen, can I respectfully request that you don’t contribute to this blog?”

    Mick Fealty, can I respectfully request that Eileen Calder be allowed to contribute to this blog. She speaks from the heart and often with her head too.

    Much like Andy Pollack, whose posts might not resonate much but which have a pristine humanity to them.

    I think it great to find Protestants (or Catholics for that metter) who do not speak with forked tongue.

    And, as for those banging the drum about the women of Ireland, a sinificant number of rapes are done on men.

    Eileen, the former head of Dublin’s Rape Crisis Centre, Olive braiden, has been called everything: lesbian, feminist etc etc. In fact, like you, she is a straight shooter.

  • Seamus

    With respect the issue at hand dwarfs. religion, politics, race or sexuality.

  • Paddy

    Is this the same Arthur Morgan who didn;t know Liam Adams was a top ranking Sinn feiner in the heart of his constituency? The same Arthur Morgan who didnpt know Liam Adams was alleging there were major paedophile rings operating in the heart of his constituency?

    If Sinn Fein was not the toady of the faceless hard men, there would be a heave ho against Gerry Adams and all his pomps and props. Look what happened to Albert Reynolds, as an example. The fact is Sinn Fein is not a political party. It is a group of opportunists who have clawed their way to the top, often literally over the dead bodies of their fall guys. Adams to Bobby Sands is as Franco to Rivera. Dead heroes can be handy.

    Much has been made about the tribute to Liam Adams in Before the dawn, Adams’ opus (ha ha). Anyone notice Gerry’s bitterness in it when he watched West Belfast go up in flames? A deep, sinister anti Christ of a man.

  • @pippakin nr. 1 on this page.
    Yes, it is great that victims come forward. It is also important that the criminals who made them victims receive fair trials and are punished if found guilty.
    No, I wasn´t taking the proverbial, merely expressing surprise that SOME people are waking up to how repellent Ulster´s terrorists are only now. After all the bombing and shootings, they are only seeing NOW what the Republican/Loyalist thugs are really like? Amazing.

  • Bavarian Orange Order

    Hello, I dont think they are coming forward because they have ‘suddenly seen the light’. I think people are coming forward now for several reasons:

    they tried ‘in house’ and feel betrayed;

    they tried the police who ‘dragged their heels,

    some victims have received counselling and feel strong enough to deal with this most difficult subject.

    As the peace grows so will the realisation among those people who have been harmed, that they can come forward in safety and be helped.

    I hope they do. I hope we do get to the point where people can speak freely and name those who took such a terrible advantage of the situation.

  • Paddy

    KFC apologist Arthur Morgan has now come out with a new line according to the Argus. It was all a “mistake”, “wrong”, typical Adams speak. Is Morgan the most evil man in Leinster House?

  • Jimmy Sands

    “Is Morgan the most evil man in Leinster House?”

    Depends. Did something happen to Ferris?