Senior SF member critical of Adams

During Friday’s Michael Reade show on LMFM (Louth Radio station); On foot of text comments about Liam Adams, Deputy Morgan tells Michael he feels his party president, Gerry Adams, badly handled allegations of sexual abuse against his brother.’ The relevant part of the broadcast is at 15m47s but it is worth listening to in full.

“As for the whole story of Liam Adams and how it was handled generally there is certainly no glory in that for Sinn Fein. I’m not proud of how it was handled at all, at all, at all. I think it was handled poorly”

“By Gerry Adams?”

“By Gerry Adams and others… I certainly when I became an officer in the party in I think it was late 96 or early 97 would like to have been told at that point that we had somebody that represented a risk to children in our midst and that we could have took action on the foot of that.