The People’s Revolt

Doesn’t the immediate silence after the PMs left speak volumes? Even Slugger was struck dumb when I last looked. The MSM is little different. From London, what can I do but risk a rare bout of Nolan. Cognitive group therapy or torture chamber, take your pick. There’s an appalling fascination in how the speechjock is now confidently installed as the maestro of a discordant orchestra of the People’s Voice, goading them on one minute and jerking them back the next. Maybe they should hand the talks over to him? A couple of days with Stephen should settle it or drive them up to Purdysburn. The mood seems captured by the Bel Tel’s headline (not on line unfortunately) ; “A shameful and disgraceful day.” On Nolan what we hear is the People’s Revolt. It’s given shape by Rev Harold Good.

Harold Good

3 o’clock in the morning is no way to do business..”

“I thought it was about P&J. Now it’s about all sorts of other things.”

” I think people will walk away from the polls if we don’t have something more substantial.”

“If nothing else do it for the likes of Peadar Heffron“.Just before talks resumed, Arlene Foster and Alex Maskey protested good faith but gave nothing away. So much for the People’s Right to Know.

As usual, Nolan has it both ways.

You talk like this yet when elections come round you vote on tribal grounds.

If you’re so angry, why don’t you vote?