“The Committee has been advised that the PSNI is to investigate matters arising..”

As expected, the news that the police are to investigate “whether any criminal offence has been committed by Iris Robinson, MP, MLA and by any other person referred to in the [BBC NI Spotlight] programme” has resulted in the suspension of the NI Assembly’s Standards and Privileges Committee’s investigation – as the BBC reports. And as Mick said, “As ever be careful not step over the legal line here…”

  • Cynic2

    This will take at least 2 years.

    Iris is the central player in this. She seems clearly unfit for interview. Will she ever be well enough? Without her this will just be stuck in investigation for years with no closure.

    Be brave Mr Baggott. Do it quick.

  • Presumably this is confirmation that Robinson could not clear his name in time to re-take up the First Ministers post if such a post still exists, if it does Arlene is yer man.

  • Mrazik

    Iris is the central player in this. She seems clearly unfit for interview.

    Posted by Cynic2 on Jan 27, 2010 @ 10:49 PM

    Is she? Next time you see her will you say hello?

  • Stewart

    Pete, what about Gerry, never mind the Robinson’s.

  • Paul Doran

    What about the 2 companies who give the money, what favours where asked or given if any, it is a reasonable question.Iris has enough to deal with.

    Look what happened in the 26 with Builders had all the corruption that has happenned and still happenning.It would be great to see an enquiry that was quick, public and then dealth with the issues, new laws put in place, regulation, checks.

  • Marcionite

    Is there a legal arbiter who can judge whether she is fit to be questioned? Is she actually sectioned? If not, she can be questioned. Does any other ill suspect get such a hands off approach from the keystone PSNI?
    My granny’s teapot.

    Who actually believes she is ill? I think it’s hogwash and if you believe that horse shit you are a naive numpty. She’s got a friendly doc to sign the right papers.

  • joeCanuck

    Good questions, Marcionite.
    Don’t expect answers any time soon. “Sigh”.

  • OscarTheGrouch

    I don’t think the police have said they aren’t going to interview her.

    Mind you she may get that dimwit Psychiatrist to section her, unless he’s away curing homosexuality this week.

    Iris is clealry up the swannee – I still want Robo hauled over the coals for non disclosure. And whats good for Robo is good for Gerry too.

  • Garza

    “Mind you she may get that dimwit Psychiatrist to section her, unless he’s away curing homosexuality this week.”

    If you’ve heard what I’ve heard, you have no idea lol lol.

  • Kevsterino

    If I recall correctly from the earlier statements and disclosures, Mrs. Robinson herself said she had been under a doctor’s care for mental illness for years. During that time she continued in her several offices.

    What is the difference now?

    And if you all will permit a dumb yank question, what is meant by being “sectioned”?

  • joeCanuck


    “Sectioned” means being ordered “put away” in a psychiatric facility by the relevant authorities, e.g. a doctor.

  • Kevsterino

    Thanks, Joe. Here we call that “committed”.

  • Cynic2

    I believe she is Sectioned. Ask a lawyer. The argument will be

    1 at the time of this she was ill, so ill she attempted suicide

    2 her irrational behaviours and outbursts are further proof of this

    3 she was so ill that she was incapable of forming the ‘mens rea’ of any alleged offence

    4 the treatment she has received (which may well have include powerful psycho-active drugs) has damaged her memory. As a consequence she cannot properly recall events. This inhibits her ability to defend herself

    5 if she could recall them, she is so fragile that to force her to recall them would precipitate a relapse and put at risk her life thereby endangering her Article 2 rights

    6 there has been so much publicity that her right to a fair trial (should she ever face a charge) cannot be guaranteed

    This is not special pleading for Iris. These things are tested every week in the courts. Its the way things are. Sadly, in this case, there is ample evidence that she was off her trolley for a long time and is genuinely a very ill woman

  • Cynic2


    It goes a little further that just committed.

    To be sectioned under the mental Health Act you have to be a ‘significant danger’ to yourself or others

  • [quote]”The assembly committee said it had been advised that the PSNI was to investigate matters arising from the BBC Spotlight programme which was broadcast on 7 January. ” ….. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8484066.stm%5B/quote%5D

    Advised by whom? The PSNI? A conniving embedded mole? The media agenda Controllers of the BBC? The report above is not not clear.

    And the advice if it “has resulted in the suspension of the NI Assembly’s Standards and Privileges Committee’s investigation” does all too conveniently relieve the NI Assembly from having to investigate their own crooks and dirty laundry and issue a very public report on them ….. for knowing what you know of those you know in the Assembly, is it not most unlikely that they are all squeaky clean and as innocent as virgins?

    Dear, oh dear, oh dear, what a shower of dodgy dealers is surely much more accurate and to the point.

    And is Iris just hiding from the spotlight/harry limelight with the medical profession now conspiring with politicians to pervert and subvert the course the natural Justice. And it does all rather paint all other members of the DUP who might have no intimate, wider and deeper knowledge of the financial dealings and sexual leanings of other members in a bad light, to be herded like sheep in support of a deeply troubled lead figurehead/spokesperson/Minister and to have so much unclear and distinctly ambiguous information/non-information, which I suppose they imagine is smart and could be classified as deliberate misinformation, peddled to the media.

    And it does beg the question, which I’m sure all on Slugger will be asking themselves and fully understand …. How many other nutters/members of the impaired and/or damaged and damaging intellectual community of limited faculty are there in the Big House, shuffling secrets behind closed doors and having cosy little meetings in secret?

    And in the present bigger Sinn Fein/DUP picture, who is the Frightened or Malicious Little Prick Teaser saying No, Not Yet, Later, I’m not sure and who is Love Child wanting to move things on the Next and Higher, More Grown Up Levels?

    Quite Obviously this Post would suggest that I am less than Impressed with the Media Show they are Presently Presenting for the Future and would Wish and Hereby Boldly and Transparently Propose that they Change Everything in a Instant with AI Provision of a MaJIC New Production with Absolutely Fabulous Scripts ESPecially COMMissioned for them.

    And for those who are paid to worry about such things, Sammy/Darling/Arlene, EU Paid for, under Cotonou [Non State Actor] Rules, so All Expenses are Fully Covered and Reimbursable and thus is the Program Virtually and Practically Free at whatever IT Costs.

  • Keithbelfast

    amanfromMars, what can i say.

  • joeCanuck


    He’s geographically/astrophysically challenged; he’s a moon man.

  • Cynic2

    Yep…its all a vast conspiracy controlled from a giant UFO in geostationary orbit over Ireland. We are all being controlled by Aliens from a galaxy far away for what perverted scheme we can only guess. Scary, ain’t it

    Damn I forgot to mention MI5, the CIA, Scientology and the Priory de Sion

  • [quote]
    amanfromMars, what can i say. …..
    Posted by Keithbelfast on Jan 28, 2010 @ 07:24 AM [/quote]

    Anything cogent and innovative and forward looking is most welcome, Keithbelfast. It is certainly needed.

    [quote]Damn I forgot to mention MI5, the CIA, Scientology and the Priory de Sion …. Posted by Cynic2 on Jan 28, 2010 @ 08:48 AM[/quote]

    Some Special Intelligence Services wouldn’t go amiss in the country, Cynic2, for the local leading variety is somewhat defective and indecisive and some would even say childish and sectarian.

    And where are the Orange Order hiding themselves. Let’s hear their voice on the problems their parades are causing?

  • joeCanuck

    And where are the Orange Order hiding themselves. Let’s hear their voice on the problems their parades are causing?

    Agree with that Mr. Martian.

  • buile suibhne

    We need a Gerry! We need a Robinson! What about that all time problem solver Sir Gerry Robinson!!!
    The Greeks had a word for it: Deus ex Machina. Where is ours?

  • Rory Carr

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to wait and see if any charges result from this inquiry before we start conducting the trial here on Slugger?

  • Jaggers


    Tend to agree with that. Let the PSNI do their work though I hope they apply the Westminster rules and look beyond Mrs Robinson as alleged beneficiary to her friends, relatives, associates and associated organisations including her Church. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing on the part of friends, relatives, associates and associated organisations.

    By the bye, apparently the European Arrest Warrant for Liam Adams was issued in Belfast on Tuesday. It will probably be dealt with in the Republic next week. See the BBC link below.


  • Stap Fightin

    In my opinion things are being grossly exaggerate with regard to Iris state of health. Not doubting that she must be troubled by all this but she is definitely hiding away and using ‘mental illness’ in it’s broadest sense to dodge the issues! This is all clearly bad news for her husband. It is a wonder he is not making her deal with it now to get it over and done with.
    Incidentially, when was she last seen in publc? When was the DUP conference and was she at it? Personally she sat at the table opposite me 3 weeks before Xmas in Scalini on Botanic Avenue. She was with a very well dressed older lady with white hair whom I thought I recognised but could not place? She certainly did not look like a ‘troubled’ or ‘ill’ woman that night. This is what gets me about the whole thing…. it all came to a head in March last year and from where we are all standing they all got on with their lives from March until the programme hit on TV and now they are ‘taking time out’ ‘too ill to talk’ and all this jazz? Who are they fooling?

  • joeCanuck

    If Iris is truly mentally ill (does extreme embarrassment qualify?), she must still be a Councillor, MLA and MP because she could not have been competent to make a decision to resign from those posts. Will Iris try to make a comeback, however unlikely?

  • Framer

    The PSNI need to explain just what crimes they are investigating. The only thing close to one that was exposed on Spotlight related to a minor non-declaration of interest breach at a full Castlereagh council meeting.

    Kirk although a teenager was over the age of consent though not if he had been gay. That was criminal until Kate Hoey MP’s amendment brought the age down from 21 to eighteen in NI.

    This and the whole cottage contract-awarding process was to be investigated by Deloitte for Castlereagh Council at huge expense – some estimates put it as likely to reach £50-60,000.

    Hopefully that ludicrously expensive investigation can be put on hold given the police one which will go on for years given their over-methodical approach.

    It does look like Arlene will be FM until the election.

    BTW the word ‘sectioned’ is derived from the section of the act that permits sectioning. Geddit?

    Like statementing. Very popular in Ards.

  • Sean Og

    The power to admit someone compulsorily to hospital under the Mental Health Act is applied only to people experiencing severe mental distress who are posing a danger to either themselves or to someone else, and only if they are refusing to accept help and treatment.

    Different sections of the Mental Health Act are applied depending on the circumstances and needs of the individual concerned.

  • iluvni

    7. Mrs. Iris Robinson (Strangford) (DUP): What plans he has for the number of psychologists to be employed in the NHS in the Province over the next three years. [100592]


    22 Nov 2006

  • Cynic2

    “Let’s hear their voice on the problems their parades are causing?”

    I thought the aim here was rational debate. Have you ever heard them speaking?