Talking to the Taliban equips you for dealing with this lot

Radio 4 has just jogged my memory. I’ve found the perfect governors for a new bout of direct rule.

Questions still remain as to what exactly Mervyn Patterson and Michael Semple were doing in Helmand. The Irish national, Michael Semple, works for the EU. He has the appearance of a man who could have stepped out of 19th century colonial Afghanistan. He is a bearded, Dari speaker, known for wearing traditional local clothes. His 18 years of living and working in Afghanistan brought him many friends, and no doubt many enemies.
The British national, Mervyn Patterson, is from Northern Ireland and works for the UN. He is an expert in northern Afghan – particularly Uzbek – affairs, who would bring together spies and warlords, westerners and Afghans

Listen to Michael talking to the BBC’s own prophetic figure Fergal Keane, former NI correspondent on Radio 4’s Taking A Stand today. Trouble is- aren’t they both Prods? OK I’ll overlook it just this once.

  • Pete Baker
  • RepublicanStones

    Semple raises some interesting points. I doubt we’ll ever know why he was booted out. But he is most certainly a valuable asset being left to waste. Semple working for the EU and Patterson for the UN, two organisations Uncle Sam isn’t overly fond of…..not that im insinuating anything mind you !

  • Turgon

    Brian Walker
    “aren’t they both Prods”

    Even in humour Brian you cannot get away from your obsession with sectarianism.

  • Turgon,

    will a deal be Unionism’s Dunkirk or it’s Munich?

  • danielmoran

    turgon, can’t wait to hear from campbell or morrow if this P&J goes through on may 4th. How is PR going to break it to them without ending up sharing a ward with iris?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Yes alas its a pity that Mr Walker can never resist the sectarian “bon mot”.
    The trouble with all this analysis is that the Taliban are winning.

  • PACE Parent

    My mother-in-law went to a Catholic primary school. Is she a Prod?