Expecting a statement from Hillsborough soon…

On the BBC News Channel… Follow Eamonn’s Twitter Feed… for more precise updates… And (thanks to Jtwo) this live blog is picking up stuff as it goes along… Which gives me an idea… Live blog below the line… If you are twittering, let us have you feed and we will add it…

  • jtwo
  • fin

    48 hour deadline has been rejected by some parties!!

    Gerry Lynch – Last Tweet

    # Oh shit. half a minute ago from txt

  • Stewart

    BBC live blog is best place for latest

  • Mick Fealty

    Stewart, don’t you read the posts?

  • Dewi

    “1420: DUP leader Peter Robinson is next to address the waiting media. He says he won’t be taking questions an apparatchik.”

    A typo I know but I can’t quite work out what should have been typed.

  • jtwo

    I think it should have been: ” He won’t be taking questions says an apparatchik.”

    Archive version of blog at new url


  • heamaisbharney

    “Expecting a statement from Hillsborough soon…”

    There’s talk of more snow to come. I hear the price of bread may rise.The woman next door has a new cat.

  • John Joe

    Direct quote from PR on that BBC feed: “If others chose to walk away, the wrath of the community will be on them. People out there are not obsessing about the issue of policing and justice. It needs to be resolved but it should not be at the expense of dealing with good government in Northern Ireland. I believe the community would be outraged if anyone was to walk away.”
    McGuiness had stated: “One thing is certain, citizens rights and entitlement will not be made subject to a unionist veto or Orange order precondition.”
    Reading the comments from the BBC, I’d guess that PR genuinely expects McGuinness to resign Friday afternoon to trigger an election.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    “Expecting a statement from Hillsborough soon…”

    An anxious World awaits.
    Surprisingly calm about it.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Yes JohnJoe…I hope youre right.
    But would they..could they……have two elections on one date? Certainly save money
    Presumably that would bring out garden centre unionists.

    Neither DUP or SF will lose any votes thru NOT reaching an agreement. They might well lose some votes for other reasons.