Massachusetts goes GOP

Republican Scott Brown looks like taking the New England Senate seat.

Americans know how to do elections:

Swing state

And the fantastic Fivethirtyeight

Political Betting has a live thread for the latest.

Outcome expected in an hour or so.

Updated final outcome : Brown (Rep) 52. Coakley (Dem) 47, Kennedy (Ind) 1.

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  • Dewi

    This is looking pretty damn close.

  • UlsterWatcher

    Well, I hope they do elect the Republican.

    As much as I despise everything that the GOP stands for in the States, I think Obama needs a good wake up. He’s been a pompous, spineless windbag since the day he got elected.

    They’re making out this race is tight because of some ‘groundswell’ of resentment over the economy etc.

    Not in Massachusetts. More like 1000s of liberals disgusted by Obama’s utter spinelessness especially in areas of foreign policy. Look at the situation in Gaza – he’s behaved like an utter coward towards the Israelis.

    I hope he loses and maybe then he’ll remember who worked so hard to get him elected, the pathetic pompous overrated man-child.

  • Dewi

    Town by town from the Boston Globe Democrats on verge of conceding.

  • Dewi

    Town by town from the Boston Globe Democrats on verge of conceding.

  • slappymcgroundout

    “As much as I despise everything that the GOP stands for in the States…”

    So is this the wrong time to tell you that I’m a card-carrying member of the Republican Party?

    If Scott wins, I’m going to have to pinch myself really hard, as the notion of a Repub winning a Mass. Senate seat was heretofore inconceivable.

  • Dewi

    What are you Slappy?

    Some kind of republican?

  • Dewi

    Democrats concede. Astonishing turnaround since November 08.

  • McGrath

    They way this has been spun over here for the past month, this was seen as a yes or no on universal health care.

    Regarding Obama, so far all he has been good at is talking. He couldn’t even be seen to take and lead the initiative in Haiti, he recruited both previous Presidents. It seems all his decisions are by committee.

    As far as the testicle bomber goes, more talk – George W may have been viewed as a dumbass, but under his watch someones head in some department would have rolled over this.

  • McGrath

    And Ted Kennedy is probably opening up a bottle of whiskey in his grave now!

  • slappymcgroundout

    Dewi: Thanks for the laugh. But, no, it isn’t the clothes (mine tend to be “loud”). Think John Bingham, Charles Sumner, Thaddeus Stevens, etc. They too were revolutionaries (that whole “new birth of freedom” thing). Now back to laughs, while Walken is the classic “bad guy”, I actually like him more with a comedic bent.

  • USA

    Fucking disaster.

  • Obama talked the talk but can’t walk the walk. He’s wet behind the ears and like every other politician in D.C. at the mercy of lobbyists. They had him for breakfast before he reached the table.

    He could have grown a spine and followed his own vision mercilessly (see Bush) but instead he betrayed his supporters and went to bed with the special interests. He campaigned on being all things to every person and ends up being nothing to anyone. And now he’s reaping what he’s sown with a humiliating failure. This isn’t a lost seat in the red state bible belt. This is a kick in the nuts from your favourite uncle.

    He’s a one term president.

    I don’t know if McCain would have been any better but I seriously doubt he would have been this spineless and ineffectual.

  • Kevsterino

    I was surprised by the turnout figures being so high. Usually high turnout favors dems, but I think there are many different groups of voters angry for a wide variety of reasons.

    So, I wonder which republican will crack when the filibuster comes.

  • DisgustedinDERRY

    Having spent some years in Boston something about that city is not hard to notice, racism is rife in this day and age. The only reason the Republicans have turned around 50 years of Democrat gains is because the people of Massachusetts don’t want to see a black man about the place. Shame.

  • Henry94

    Isn’t it more likely that individual Democrats will try to save themselves by sinking the health care project.

    If Obama wants to win again he has to get back to the centre like Clinton did after ’94. But I doubt he will.

    Ulster Watcher

    It the Democrats think their problem is that they weren’t left enough then oblivion awaits.

    Lame joke of the day

    What’s the difference between Obama and Marilyn Monroe?

    She could hold a Kennedy seat.

  • BillyMena

    Obama did say he would deliver change but I don’t think this is what he had in mind. Go the GOP!

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    The electorate the” Bastards”

    Give the guy two years for crying out loud.

    This is why though I could be a “messiah”(steady on)

    Frankly I could not be A***D.

  • Rory Carr


    According to Herself it’s all down to Coakley dissing the Red Sox – twice!

    Nice link to Walken, Dewi. We all had a good chuckle and, if ever there was a time when we needed a laugh….

  • Marcionite

    Obama had wasted hid mandate and majorities in Congress, blinded by the dazzle of victory, not unlike Blair in 97. I’ll never know or understand the GOP opposition to wider health care protection. I’ve worked in the US and when I tell any American that most of Europe has universal healthcare without resorting to Stalinism, they just glaze over and still chant “self reliance” as if everyone is a little square jawed healthy swaggering John Wayne who is able to stand on their own two feet. most folk are not. Considering how the rightwing have opposed any socially progressive legislation and are more into old testament God than loving theit neighbour, I genuinely belive that anyone who is righteing is morally bankrupt and has a deep seated hatred of their fellow man and woman