Adams – unfair trial guaranteed

Sinn Féin while opposed to a few elements of the British Justice system in the north have long been committed to supporting it, supposedly holding it to account but in the main accepting its validity. In recent weeks they have been putting pressure on the PSNI to get the finger out and extradite Liam Adams from the south to face charges under it.

They have also been claiming coverage of this case could result in Liam Adams being unable to get a fair trial as the following from Gerry Adams makes clear.

Much of it is also dangerous and not in the interests of the victim in light of a pending court case for extradition which is likely to see media reportage used as a rationale by a defence which will argue that Liam Adams cannot expect a fair trial in the north.

However, the Justice system that SF (critically ?) endorse ensures that Liam Adams is virtually guaranteed not to receive a fair trial – or at least one with a jury of his peers. The Justice and Security Act (Northern Ireland) 2007 [pdf] ensures that Adams with a previous conviction for IRA activity will receive a non-jury trial certificate.

1 Issue of certificate

(1) This section applies in relation to a person charged with one or more indictable
offences (“the defendant”).

(2) The Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland may issue a certificate
that any trial on indictment of the defendant (and of any person committed for
trial with the defendant) is to be conducted without a jury if—
(a) he suspects that any of the following conditions is met, and
(b) he is satisfied that in view of this there is a risk that the administration
of justice might be impaired if the trial were to be conducted with a

(3) Condition 1 is that the defendant is, or is an associate (see subsection (9)) of, a
person who—
(a) is a member of a proscribed organisation (see subsection (10)), or
(b) has at any time been a member of an organisation that was, at that time,
a proscribed organisation.

Somehow I doubt SF will die in a ditch to fight for Liam’s rights under the system they legitimise.