“You can’t say one week “There will be no devolution of policing and justice during this A

Interesting attack line on the possible swinging of the DUP towards a deal on policing and justice from Jim Allister… And the very faint outline of an olive branch to the party’s rebels perhaps?

I recognise that there has been a minority in the DUP fighting a rearguard action against this strategic sell-out to Sinn Fein’s agenda, but yesterday they were outmanoeuvred. Today, I imagine they are feeling the same disappointment and discouragement which I was feeling 3 years ago as I tried to withstand the government-assisted tide towards mandatory coalition with Sinn Fein. I would like to hope that those opposed to this cave-in will not wilt, but then I do have to recall that in 2007 they succumbed to the pressure to conform. It would be in the interests of their country if this time they did otherwise.

“There is a powerful obligation on those who have made promises, like Lord Morrow last week, to now deliver on their pledges. You can’t say one week “There will be no devolution of policing and justice during the lifetime of this Assembly….it is not going to happen and that is it. It will not happen before the General Election or the Assembly election. It is not an issue.”, and then stand back and let it happen!

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