Sinn Féin changes its story on Liam Adams again…

Slugger understands that Sinn Fein’s statement shifting Liam Adams’ leaving date from 1997 up to the year 2000 comes less than 24 hours after they received a set of detailed questions from the Sunday Tribune about the party’s relationship with Gerry Adams’s brother… The BBC has the details of the statement… The party’s statement is here… In fact, Pete has all the telling detail in his update to last night’s post on the Arthur Morgan saga… The detail is extraordinary… and pretty much contradicts almost everything the party has said on the matter to date….

Update: Apparently, according to Mary Lou McDonald there is a party policy in Sinn Fein which dictates a member must share their suspicions that another party member has been a sex abuser with the Ard Comhairle. It seems Mr Adams went contrary to that party policy which she says was brought in in the year 2000.

Mr Adams, brother of party president Gerry Adams was said to have left the party in 1997. However, a Sinn Fein statement said he held a number of positions in Belfast after 2000.