Sinn Féin changes its story on Liam Adams again…

Slugger understands that Sinn Fein’s statement shifting Liam Adams’ leaving date from 1997 up to the year 2000 comes less than 24 hours after they received a set of detailed questions from the Sunday Tribune about the party’s relationship with Gerry Adams’s brother… The BBC has the details of the statement… The party’s statement is here… In fact, Pete has all the telling detail in his update to last night’s post on the Arthur Morgan saga… The detail is extraordinary… and pretty much contradicts almost everything the party has said on the matter to date….

Update: Apparently, according to Mary Lou McDonald there is a party policy in Sinn Fein which dictates a member must share their suspicions that another party member has been a sex abuser with the Ard Comhairle. It seems Mr Adams went contrary to that party policy which she says was brought in in the year 2000.

Mr Adams, brother of party president Gerry Adams was said to have left the party in 1997. However, a Sinn Fein statement said he held a number of positions in Belfast after 2000.

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  • IRIA

    Ulick-thanks for clarifying.

  • interested observer

    To follow up my previous posting, this is taken directly from the BIRW website.

    He also said that Scappaticci had very damaging information about senior republicans and that this was the reason that Sinn Féin appeared to accept Scappaticci’s denials that he was Stakeknife. For example, Stakeknife told FRU that he had witnessed one high-profile republican shoot an informer in the head, and had provided intelligence which allowed FRU to recruit two very close relatives of another.

  • IRIA

    The Brits may not want to reveal this hot potato as working for them, but the implications could be enough.

  • IRIA

    I doubt the Brits care.

    All their shenanigans appear to have worked for them. A brain dead duck in a thunderstorm could have done a better job of keeping them out than this sorry lot seem to have done.

    The lack of action on their part suggests some people are of no further use.

  • trademark

    speaking as an irish republican and proud, after reading the interviews in the sunday tribune.
    SF should dissolve as they dont represent me or any republican.
    in shock,sorrow,for the victims.

    as a,brother,son and father i could not and will note vote for the cover-up party

    slan SF

  • trademark

    Sinn Fein is not just one man or just one constituency. I hope this exposure will help it to clean up, and clear out those elements so dangerous to the public perception.

    It may well turn out to have been a good thing to expose the rot, that way the new, younger, leaders have the opportunity to put themselves forward with no ugly baggage to trap them.

  • trademark

    no its not one man,
    read the article
    quite a few high ranking individuals knew,
    sf and army
    but adams denials are being helped cover-up by others now
    both in the party and elsewhere
    what people need to remember is you dont need sf to be a republican

  • trademark

    Totally agree with you. I am sorry if I gave the impression there was only one person involved, clearly the top brass of his generation, in his area, even if they avoided the details, knew the gist of what was going on. I said this exposure will help to clean up and clear out and I meant of all of that little enclave.

    As for the Brits helping him now, it does not look as though they are, they did not deny the existance of Aine Tyrells original charge. It would not be the first time the ‘paperwork’ had gone missing. Its existence is why Gerry Adams had to back date all of his statements, and in the case of his brother, is why he is in such difficulty now.

    By the way my agreement extends to other republican sources. It is refreshing to know there are options, other parties spreading out, but hopefully no more violence.

  • trademark

    also two more girls have came forward
    that they said adams knew about
    one is joe cahills great niece
    the other is the daughter of a highly respected republican,they were abused and sexually abused and given assurances the abusers would be kicked out
    apparently they both are currently SF elected representitives to this day…..
    both want their day in court

    probably more yet to come

  • trademark

    should have made clear above….that its the two victims who want their day in court

  • trademark

    This particular little nest seems to have had little regard for women and I strongly object to that!

    Odd really, considering how often he is seen with a woman member in tow.

    I hope the ladies involved do get their day in court, and that someone sits down and has a quiet word with Mr Adams about how much damage this is doing to the party.

  • Mr Crowley

    Pat McLarnon denying ever having met the woman concerned over on P.IE. This is despite being unable to pick up a copy of the trib to discover the details of the allegations or identity of the woman.

  • Mr Crowley

    “Originally Posted by Pat Mc Larnon
    The Sunday Tribune story regarding myself is a complete lie, simple as.”

    Anyone want to take a bet that McLarnon won’t be challenging the story in court?

  • The days when a raped woman disappeared in a shroud of shame are long gone.

    If these ladies claims are disputed, as seems to be the case, no doubt the gentlemen concerned will welcome their day in court in order to clear their names.

  • Paddy

    “If these ladies claims are disputed, as seems to be the case, no doubt the gentlemen concerned will welcome their day in court in order to clear their names.”

    As they lament the old days of putting them down a bog hole or into a laundry.

  • Paul

    The Sunday Tribune story regarding myself is a complete lie, simple as.”

    Anyone want to take a bet that McLarnon won’t be challenging the story in court?
    Posted by Mr Crowley on Jan 17, 2010 @ 03:27 PM

    Who would ever believe the words of a sinn feiner.

  • Paul

    well done for the people that are now coming forward you are so brave.

  • Paddy

    Ah, those were the days eh.

    If not in the name of religion, in the name of republicanism.

    I hope the youth of today are reading the papers, in particular the Sunday Tribune. It is an abject lesson: do not claim to defend the little man and then trample all over him and his family.

  • Mr Crowley

    If these ladies claims are disputed, as seems to be the case, no doubt the gentlemen concerned will welcome their day in court in order to clear their names.
    Posted by pippakin on Jan 17, 2010 @ 03:53 PM

    McLarnon denies having met the woman at the centre of the allegations but it appears that it was her brother who approached him. When this was pointed out to McLarnon and he was asked if he had met the brother he logged off, rapidly.

  • What, if I were not so angry with this bunch already, would completely have me chucking the crockery about is: these women put their trust in S/F. Now, in order to get their claims heard and dealt with, they have had to give up the right to anonymity.

  • heamaisbharney


    the weird thing is that some of those who try to defend the actions of Gerry A in particular and S,F, In general use the need for anonymity as a reason not to cover these stories.

  • heamisbharney

    Yes and it appears now to be such an easy cop out.

    If it emerges that others have been abused after S/F were informed, what does that mean. In particular what does it mean for all those people, who have given their time and money for a party that is being so badly discredited by the people who were supposed to be promoting it.

  • I have got to put it here.

    The ladies who have come forward are so brave, their ordeal must have been so terrifying (and here was me thinking the terror was reserved for the Brits).

    My thoughts are with them and with the brother, and with all frightened children.