More trouble ahead for the DUP at the weekend?

It looks like I’ve been picking up similar rumours to Eamonn… I’ve lost count of the number of groundless whispers about the private lives of one or two senior DUP representatives, but I’m now getting similar hints from pretty reliable sources within the party itself that one of the English Sundays has a story… Still, please treat with the utmost caution both in the story itself and how you comment below. None of us are invulnerable to the laws of libel.. (And Belfast is the world’s libel capital with higher payouts and lower costs than anywhere else the UK…)

BTW, if you are not yet following Eamonn Mallie on Twitter, and you have the least interest in the ongoing crisis in Stormont I suggest you follow him now… If you are not on Twitter, you just need to register… See, and my own My assessment of where this crisis takes us should be up on Comment is Free later on today…

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