BBC reporting progress on Policing and Justice…

Speaking to a senior journalist friend the other night, he warned me to resist the temptation to be definitive. In the fast flow of this bizarre story, I may have to put my hand up and say there are several things I’ve got wrong. Devolution of policing and justice may just be one of them. I’ll say nothing more until we see the detail of any emergent deal other than to ask what has changed between last Thursday and last night? Peter Robinson’s near death experience may have convinced him that clear blue water between him and Jim Allister may be the best way to enter the next election. But it may also be that the President of Sinn Fein is beginning to feel his own sense of mortality

With the way this tale has twisted, that figurative publisher must be pulling out what’s left of his hair… If there is a deal (and this is not another piece of speculation that we’ve been in the eye of for the last week), when it emerges it will be important to look at the detail and then ask why it could not have been done months ago, never mind last week? And if this was an extended game of political chicken, which one will have chickened first?

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