A word about commenting on Slugger…

With the huge surge in traffic, there are clearly a lot of new people on the site who are unfamiliar with the primary site rule when it comes to commenting… You can find the rules here… but it boils down to one thing: play the ball and not the man… It behoves everyone to be doubly careful when the subject of the news is man and his wife… Just step carefully… However safe you think you are, the law may have the last word…

  • RepublicanStones

    Ach Mick, I had just finished page 2 of that thread and clicked on page 3 and suddenly it had zero comments, no fair !

  • Playing the ball and not the man?

    Obviously such standards do not apply to a woman who has exercised her right to engage in whatever sexual activity she desires with other consenting adults.

  • Mrazik

    Playing the ball and not the man?

    Obviously such standards do not apply to a woman who has exercised her right to engage in whatever sexual activity she desires with other consenting adults.

    Posted by Moderate Unionist on Jan 10, 2010 @ 09:43 PM

    What about Paul Berry?

  • union mack

    we’ll need to be particularly careful in light of the breaking news that iris robinson is ‘recieving psychiatric treatment’

  • Drumlins Rock

    Think we need a Queensbury, Wilde and Carson style fight to sort it out, but despite Sluggers boxing name I get the feeling Mick is not on for the role of Queensbury. Cant blame you mate but would love someone to publish and be dammed. But wont be me either!

  • Lionel Hutz

    Obviously, the ball not man rule is a good one. Apart from being safer, it simply encourages better debate.

    However the scandals currently engulfing our two biggest parties obviously present, I have not sent such a need to be reminded of the rules of engagement nor such rigorous moderation before on this site. The scandals are obviously about the men themselves, which makes playing it quite difficult.

    The turning point was when both Adams and Robinson made their emotional interviews. At that point, they are taking the ball to their chest, they are one unit and it is impossible to play simply the ball. It’s rugby not football, so as long as that ball is pressed to the chest, you are morally obliged to take them out, providing ofcourse your tackle is not illegal.

    There’s a part in the House of Cards: To Play The King< \i> where FU and the prince are engaging in moral mudslinging. The FU take the high ground and at this point the tabloid editor declares open season on their personal lives. It’s apt for the current NI situation.

    In actual fact, you are not asking people to play the ball with these scandals. You are just asking people to be careful regarding illegal tackles, defamation. The difficulty is you are dealing with amateurs, refereeing is very difficult.

    Good luck

  • can’t believe that eamonn/peter “interview”, playing the ball + sticking to politics doesn’t seem to apply to him, unless it was pre-arranged too

  • Eleanor Bull

    “It behoves everyone to be doubly careful when the subject of the news is man and his wife”

    The wife is hoist by her own petard, as a result of her nauseous moralising. Every laugh, every sneer, every charge of hypocrisy is valid and it should be shouted from the rooftops as a lesson to all politicians that, in the new media, the public have a voice in which they shall give no quarter. This is good for democracy. This is good for those who dare to sit in judgement as seen through the prism of their own moral compass, which they then fail to adopt for themselves.

    A case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

    The hypocrisy is sickening and shocking, and the fact that it’s open season is, in my opinion, fine.

    The man has, at this juncture, done not a lot wrong other than allegedly fail to act within the ministerial code, a relatively harmless oversight (unless we learn to the contrary) that can be explained by the fact that his mind was on more important topics. Most of us forget car tax on the due date, to pay the newspapers two Sundays ago, etc. All small beer.

    At this point I’d cut him some slack (at least until Panorama broadcasts, then review).

    But the whole thing just seems so carefully contrived, too managed, too precise with regard to ‘illness’ (and Uncle Gerry pulled the same stunt, IMO, with regard to his father) to lead one to the conclusion that it smells, big time.

    Regardless of ‘illness’ there are still important issues to be addressed. The sex scandal is largely immaterial. The financial arrangements require scrutiny right now. ‘Illness’ should not impact on the need for investigation, and commentary SHOULD, in my opinion, continue unabated in the interim.

  • The laws the law for all that: ok, but there are ugly rumours afoot and these must be dealt with. Iris Robinson making herself a laughing stock whilst fiddling the books is one thing. Peter Robinson trying to cover up the scandal and protect his wife is another more serious but hardly a hanging matter. These are grown up people who knew the risks and must take the consequences.

    Protecting a child abuser, and if rumour is correct more than one child abuser is far more serious and needs serious investigation and open discussion. Never again should a child be put at risk, and possibly further harm, to protect anyone, not the churches, the IRA or anyone else.

  • Eleanor Bull

    Sod the laws of libel.

    Here goes…

    Togo are shot out of the African Nations Cup, leave despite pressure from the CAF (the organising committee, the Confederation of African football) to remain, have a change of heart and plan to return, at which point the CAF says they can’t.

    Elsewhere, Angola and Mali draw 4-4 after Angola, the hosts, were 4-0 to the good with eleven minutes left to play.

    Is this Mickey Mouse tournament being run by an Asian betting syndicate or what????

  • Eleanor Bull.

    I see you couldnt resist an open goal.

  • Eleanor Bull

    ‘I see you couldnt resist an open goal.’

    If approached by someone from Shanghai later today, offering me a wedge to miss, you can trust me to do the right thing.

  • Eleanor Bull

    And you can rely upon my absolute discretion – for a small, almost negligible fee. £5000 springs to mind. Oh I almost forgot – cash works for me