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For those of you who have not seenthe programme yet and are outside the UK… Here it is in three parts…Part 2:

Part 3:

  • wild turkey

    Didn’t realize Kirk was an award winning young thrusting entrepreneur.

    Can we look forward to the inevitable text book and power point presentation?

    ‘Scoring to Start and Starting to Score: Methodologies in raising business start-up finance’

    Perhaps the Go For it Programme might be interested.


  • And here’s a snippet about the simple pleasures in life from the Castlereagh Borough Council website:

    Also investing in the Park, Castlereagh Borough Council (supported by the EU Building Sustainable Prosperity Programme, administered by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment) built the Visitor’s Centre which houses the café. I’m delighted that Kirk and Andrew have created a very busy and lively business which families, leisure fans, the young and not so young, are all enjoying on a regular basis.”

    Kirk adds, “When we first told friends about the opportunity, they said we were mad but the National Lottery and the Council could see the potential prosperity of the Park and so could Andrew and I. We knew there would by a desire for people to enjoy small simple pleasures in their otherwise hectic lives and that’s what they find in the Park and in the Lock Keepers Inn.”

  • Captain Kirk (McCambley): Worlds are conquered, galaxies destroyed…but a woman is always a woman.