Where’s Spotlight on the iPlayer BBC?

Come lads, what is going on…

Update: Ah, we hear it is going out on the News Channel at 1430 this afternoon…

Update to the Update: They’ve been having coding troubles, should be ready at 12.30

Update to the Update to the Update: Oh no it’s not!

Update to the Update to the Update to the Update: Further hitches related to the ad hoc scheduling of the programme… might be while yet…

  • feismother

    Do local programmes get on to iPlayer? I’ve looked for things before and they weren’t there.

    I’ve got three daughters in England fascinated by all this and wanting to watch. But Slugger’s keeping them up to the mark in the meantime!

  • Miss Fitz

    I wanted to watch it back to see if the young chap explicity admitted the affair, and was amazed it wasnt there. I note some people watched it again last night, but I assume they had the wit to record it.

  • Drumlins Rock

    you can get bit of it on youtube, probabvly not “official” though.

  • I am reliably informed that Spotlight will be on iPlayer just after lunch

  • Paul

    Are spotlight going to broadcast anything on the adams scandal.??????????

  • jtwo

    Probably not as I recall UTV did some sort of programme on it a couple of weeks ago!!!!!!!

  • crazy fenian 32

    sinn fein should do the right thing by all the people in norn ireland and bring this house of scandal tumbling down let the people have there say @the ballot box then maybe we can work a deal that includes all sides. we are sick to the back teeth with these greedy bunch of lairs.

  • crazy fenian 32

    spotlights on @ 230 pm

  • Keithbelfast

    Loving the updates.

  • Sims

    As a former insider with the responsibility of getting programmes on iPlayer – a quick word. It’s much more complicted that you would expect, particularly if the programme wasn’t pre-booked (there is a queue). And this would not have been having appeared on the schedule a few hours after being finished.

    There could be a wait of up to 24 hours. There is also the possibility that the Newss channel’s edition will get there first.

    It’s frustrating wait, but there it is – not just like putting something on YouTube.

    Finally congratulations for Mick/Slugger for the deft handling of this story. It is a real tribute to the site that the balance between information and speculation was held. A really professional and journalistically credible performance Mick. Mist have been driving you daft not to be able to tell all you knew when you knew it.