Egg on face for the BBC over the Labour revolt…

Now we have been following the Robinson story at remove all day today and all day yesterday. But it is the BBC who know whether this is a story or not. Yesterday though it was the bloggers who beat the Beeb and now Guido is crowing about it… Unsurprisingly since he’s caught Nick Robinson (no relation) giving bloggers a bit of a slap for what must have genuinely looked like the most implausible story of the still young 21st Century…

  • Jimmy_Sands

    Credit where credit is due, Guido’s story about Jowell resigning and a challenge from within the cabinet was spot in in almost every detail except for the bit about Jowell resigning and a challenge from within the cabinet. Apparently getting it wrong is fine provided you get it wrong before the BBC.

  • I haven’t been able to take Paul Staines seriously since Michael White destroyed him on Newsnight.

  • Still trying to talk this up as some ‘scoop’ Mick, when in reality all it was a powder puff designed as an election spoiler, that is why it was passed on to ‘Guido’ by some old trout. How this man can can portrayed as some kind of 21st century Faulks, a revolutionary who actually attempted to blow up parliament I do not know. What he is is a modern day Nigel Dempster. (funny how those type of columns are creeping back as people think the Eton wanker will win the election, how long before the Deb auction houses reopen?)

    A purveyor of gossip and anti Labour spoilers. it what Mr Staines goes in for, nothing more nothing less.