John Cushnie dies…

I hate to add to the general melancholia taking hold of Slugger at the moment, but I wanted to mark the passing of a real Ulster gent and a great companion to gardeners (active and less active) out there… John Cushnie was one of those rare successes… Locals who made it with a whole new set of audiences across the UK… His humour was perhaps a little idiosyncratic, and at first not always appreciated by the mostly English audience of Gardiner’s Question Time… But he stuck at it and became a much loved and regular fixture over the last 15 years of his life… As the saying goes, ní bheidh a leitheid ann aris… (there will never be his likes again)…

  • CW

    When I first heard the news on the radio the first thought that came into my head was “who’s John Cushnie?” But I soon realised that he was that northern Irish guy on Gardener’s Question Time, whose rich voice had become familiar to me on listless Sunday afternoons. I have no interest in gardening and i only knew of him by virtue of Radio 4 being almost constantly on in my house or in the car. But having listened to the show by default he came across as a real expert who always had an answer to any of the tricky questions posed by the audience which he often punctuated with his unique sense of humour. His untimely passing will no doubt be much lamented within the gardening community of this archipelago.

  • padraig

    I loved his wonderful sense of humour and his straight talkng.

  • Miss Fitz

    My interest in gardening is very limited, but I always listened to Gardener’s QT when John Cushnie was on it. He was a very witty man,and very knowledgable about this mysterious subject! The show will not be the same without him

  • Grassy Noel

    A total gent who I had the privilege of working with. Sorely missed.

  • Drumlins Rock

    His was one of the few Northern Ireland voices that didnt make me cringe when I listened to Radio 4, his humour was unusal at times, but it was always great to hear it on what was quite a dry programme otherwise, definately unique.