Lenihan leak condemned

If it’s confirmed that Brian Lenihan has pancreatic cancer, the prognosis is poor. You don’t need to be an oncologist to know that. His illness sadly recalls a similar affliction his ebullient father suffered from for most of his adult life. TV3’s newsbreak seems a piece of over-keen competition but it’s entirely typical of the trade. Alas, the serious illness of a finance minister cannot be “private” for long. Did the station break a self imposed embargo the bigger news outlets privately agreed to observe over the holiday? It’s hard to believe that TV3 had a genuine scoop for any longer than five minutes: this is the kind of story that sweeps over the lobby in a single wave. On personal matters, the political culture in Dublin still seems more respectful than London’s. Nevertheless I expect that the 24 hour news cycle will compel confirmation and that holding story has only 24 hours at most to run – holiday or not – and will break before the markets open. As well as the personal tragedy, it couldn’t have come at a worse time politically.

  • Scaramoosh

    Ah, so a man dying of cancer is worthy of a leak…
    corruption; subversion, child molestation etc, etc, are swept under the carpet. Says it all really…

  • Rory Carr

    The man just happens to be the Minister of Finance, Scaramoosh and this news is in addition to other current and breaking news not a substitute for them.

    Information is akin to love like that – we can never have surfeit of it and it never dies but is only ever forgotten, neglected or supplanted by more of the same.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    The release of this story could have been delayed until tommorow.

    If the reports are true then best wishes to Brian Lenihan and his family.

  • “Information is akin to love”

    Rory, do the information-rats compare with the love-rats?

  • chewnic

    If these reports are true, then Mr Lenihan may well resign in order to fight this illness. That would be the final blow to Fianna Fail as Lenihan is the only credible politician left in the Party.
    However party politics pales into insignificance in comparison to the human tragedy of a father of 2 young children being struck down by such a terrible illness.
    Best wishes to him in his fight which he will no doubt tackle with dignity and fortitude.

  • Alias

    Sad news for the best-educated TD we managed to elect (even if education is no demonstratively guarantee of financial competence).

    While there is a 95% chance that he will be dead in 5 years, there is a 100% chance that we will still be paying for NAMA in 50 years.

  • Danny O’Connor

    Cancer is a horrendous disease,I pray that God will give them the strength to fight and beat it.

  • An interesting post which just further confirms that cynical news management/mismanagement creates a false world/virtual reality ……… and it is so widespread as to have one a slave to spinners of tales servered by media barons, which sort of puts them into the firing line for those who are inconvenienced and/or disadvantaged because of news manipulation rather than truth reporting, although to be truthful, the line which seperates fact from fiction may just be imaginary and a simply complex concept to master, which is being abused for obscene personal gains, most probably monetised obscenely too.

    IT’s a funny old world and there’s no mistaking that. Who or what do you imagine will make 2010 any Better ….. or are y’all expecting more of the same old Gloom and Doom Fare aka VapourWare in Binary Circles/Round Tables?

    MeThinks any Chance of that Moribund Stagnation and System Petrification not be Challenged, are both Slim and No Chance, given the Advanced IntelAIgents now available to All in Vehicles Freely Sharing Fine and Upstanding Blog Information.

  • Rory Carr

    You could have a point there, Mr Mars. Unfortunately I appear to be much too dumb to discern what it might be.

  • [quote]
    You could have a point there, Mr Mars. Unfortunately I appear to be much too dumb to discern what it might be.
    Posted by Rory Carr on Dec 28, 2009 @ 11:25 AM

    Do not despair so readily, RC, for it is easily further clearly explained. What parts do you immediately not understand?

    And one is only as dumb as one some others may wish you to be, and thus is their abiding and self-destructive worry that you be much smarter than they will ever be, for of course, change arrogance and exchange ignorance for humility and wisdom, changes everthing for everyone for the better. Although if Holy Grail territory, you can surely understand why it would be a closely guarded and selfish secret to use abusively as if a God or as their servant/serpent/snake oil salesperson.

    And your reply would suggest anything other that you being dumb.