Where does this leave Gerry Adams?

Notwithstanding Gladys’ point, Malachi gets to Occum’s razor and asks the political question: where does this leave Gerry Adams?

One likely response is sympathy for a man who had borne a great family secret when he had political work of national importance to deal with at the same time. Another may be to pick at the details of his mismanagement for evidence of collusion or incompetence. But questions such as that can only damage him if they come from within his party. And he is still held in reverence by many there. But for many there is now a sense that Gerry Adams is not the man they thought they knew. He is more complex and more vulnerable. They always understood that he was a man with secrets from an IRA past he still denies. But such secrets as these?

My own caveat to this argument is that the ‘this’ part of Malachi’s properly philosophical proposition is neither yet fully known nor understood…

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