Raging against the machine is a ‘Protestant thing’…

Nice riff from His Grace on how Joe McElderry was knocked off the Christmas Number One slot… But, he concludes…

For the supreme irony is that both Joe McElderry and Rage Against the Machine are signed to Epic Records, which is part of Sony BMG. As far as the recording colossus is concerned, they win either way.

So if your motive in downloading Rage Against The Machine was to humble the Sony behemoth, you have failed. And seeking to wipe the smile off Simon Cowell’s face or deprive Joe McElderry of an instant Number One is indeed a little spiteful.

Perhaps this is why the people cannot be bothered to protest, rise up, and democratise their politics. Sony is a metaphor for the European Union: its tentacles are everywhere, its fingers are in every pie and all roads lead to Rome.

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  • Not sure about the Protestant angle, but Rage seem to be just as “inauthentic” a commercial product as the X factor…

  • Mr. J.

    In becoming the Christmas number one for 2009, Rage Against the Machine have joined the hallowed company of Leon Jackson, Bob the Builder and Mr. Blobby.

    How revolutionary.

    On the other hand, this is the first Christmas in a long time where I have had even a passing interest in the Christmas number one single, and I’d rather see something slightly culturally challenging in the top spot than another vapid, sanitised ditty from Syco.

    On the whole religious aspect, I was raised a Catholic, and predictably enough, I enjoy a spot of rebellion as much as the next person Protestant. Provided, of course, it doesn’t interfere with Mass.

  • His Grace missed the mark. Any credible alternative pick would have been ultimately owned by some big.ugly.corp, and Shelter is getting 70 grand it wouldn’t get from the Cowell juggernaut.

  • Turtle

    So if your motive in downloading Rage Against The Machine was to humble the Sony behemoth, you have failed.

    I doubt that was anyone’s motive though. The motive was to humble the X Factor behemoth, not the Sony behemoth.

    Also none of this really hurts Simon Cowell’s WALLET, unless people who would have bought the X Factor single said no I think I’ll buy RATM instead, which is pretty unlikely. Getting a number one doesn’t make you any money as such, selling records does. So not only did Sony not lose money, they sold a million records instead of 500 thousand.

  • regimental 1912

    I would have voted for Joe if his surmane was McElondonderry.haha

  • Ramzi Nohra

    Big fans of Bobby Sands were RATM, I seem to remember.

    At least they made the christmas number one race more interesting this year.

  • At least there actually was a race this year.