“observed rather than celebrated”?

Mick earlier blogged Anthony McIntyre’s piece on the controversy engulfing the Adams family.

For some the sun is shining and the temptation to make hay is irresistible. For others the sun is setting on the long political career of the Sinn Fein boss of bosses, hastened no doubt by the latest controversy. Given the dark backdrop it is something to be observed rather than celebrated.

Of course SF loyalists will claim political haymaking and agenda driven reportage in any damaging coverage for Adams in this case. However, my mind is drawn back to SF’s response to a political enemy being found guilty on similar charges. The barely concealed glee at Vincent McKenna being exposed as a child abuser from An Phoblacht and across web pages at the time will make any claims from SF of ‘point scoring’ off personal tragedy ring very hollow.

  • John O’Connell

    For others the sun is setting on the long political career of the Sinn Fein boss of bosses

    A bit like Al Capone getting done for tax fraud rather than as another version of the boss of bosses.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    For sinn fein to have any credibility…they must demand gerry adams resignation and they must put this on the front page of An Phoblacht.

    The issue isn’t whether people are enjoying gerry adams mess…the issue is that a young girl was raped by her father and told her adult uncle. The uncle believed her…but did not protecct her. The uncle was the head of a political party that had the abuser/rapist run for political office. The president of the party…believed the man was rapist of his young daughter but allowed the rapist to run for office. Every thing about Gerry Adams now is up for scruitny…whether people are enjoying this…so be it…whether people are sad about this…so be it. The man brought this upon himself and his party. I do not respect or trust a man who knows his young niece was raped by her father…and does nothing to help the child. Bringing the child to meet the rapist…is sick. He should have brought the rapist to the police.