Adams family sexual abuse on Talkback just now

Extraordinarily focused programme on the multiple questions arising from the Adams family story… Lots of questions to be answered…

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    This is going to run and run this story/scandal as the questions which need to be answered are raised.

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    Adams’ brother employers hit out
    Liam Adams
    An arrest warrant has been issued for Liam Adams

    A community project which employed Gerry Adams’ brother has criticised the authorities for not telling them about sexual abuse allegations against him.

    Liam Adams worked for the Beechmount Community Project as a youth development officer from 2004 to 2006.

    He faces allegations that he abused his daughter when she was a child.

    Beechmount Community Project said he had been cleared to work with children and that the police and social services had “serious questions” to answer.

    A warrant is outstanding for Liam Adams’ arrest, to face allegations that he sexually abused Aine Tyrell when she was a young child.

    Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has called for him to hand over himself to the authorities.

    It has emerged that Liam Adams worked with children in a number of roles for almost 20 years after his daughter and her mother reported him to the police in 1987.

    A spokesperson for the Beechmount Community Project, for which Liam Adams worked between November 2004 and May 2006, said: “We have never received any complaint from any child, young person or their parent, or staff member, with respect to Liam Adams and his period of employment here within our project.

    “Nevertheless, we feel that serious lapses by both the Social Services and the police have inexcusably put children and young people within our project at risk.”

    Liam Adams was also employed as a part-time youth worker at Clonard Youth Centre in west Belfast between 1998 and 2003.


    The Sinn Fein president has said he told staff there about the allegations against his brother.

    “When I discovered in the Belfast situation that he was working in a youth facility I went to those who had responsibility for that facility and told them of the allegation,” Mr Adams said.

    “He also had RUC or PSNI clearance to work in those facilities.”

    However, Clonard Youth Centre has issued a statement, making clear it was unaware of any allegations against Liam Adams when he worked there.

    Spokesperson Brendan Dineen said the centre had reviewed all its documentation “and there is no record whatsoever regarding concerns about Mr Liam Adams during his time of employment at Clonard Youth Centre”.

    “If we had been aware of allegations that have recently come to light, he would not have been employed at the centre,” he continued.

    “There have been very stringent policies and procedures in place since the establishment of the club with no incidents of wrongdoing reported.”