Donal Murray resigns…

So finally, the Bishop of Limerick has gone…

Update: No one turned up for either the Irish church or the Vatican when the BBC’s World at One interviewed Colm O’Gorman just now… Not surprising… O’Gorman pointed out that as Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith he would have been all over this at the time it was all happening… Without saying it out loud, he implied that if the Bishop of Limerick had to resign for lack of due care, then what about the man at the top who also knew but did not do anything to put it to an end???

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  • Fabianus

    Good riddance. What took Murray so long?

    BTW, are bishops and priests going to have to undergo background security checks before visiting schools, as writers, classroom assistants and others must?

    And if not, why not? They aren’t above the law after all.

    On second thoughts perhaps they are, in the RoI at least. Or could be I missed the reports of bishops being arrested for aiding and abetting dog-collared criminals who raped children.

    On third thoughts, what’s our excuse in Northern Ireland? Would the arrest of a bishop anger the RC community too much?

    Bad for the building of community confidence and all that….

  • Mick Fealty

    That has to be the next question. The Vatican have been dragging their feet on this for twenty years. If anything it’s Catholic politicians who should be prosecuting this with the greatest vigour since it is the Catholic community that’s most directly affected by it…

  • Colm O’Gorman’s own blog asks:
    Bishop Murray resigns but has anything changed really?

    Good question.

  • padraig

    I was sorry that he didn’t seem to apologise or feel, from his statement he had done anything wrong.

  • regimental 1912

    The important thing for the sake of the children is that it is now out in the open and hopefully people will now find it easier to speak out.It has been common knowledge for many a year of the abuse that was meted out by the clergy and many a child has a priest for a REAL father,is it any wonder that they do not wish to marry,they have it on a plate with no responsibility,unless they get caught.

  • One down, several more to go. Let’s not forget, this is ONLY Dublin Diocese so far.

    Rumours of consolidation of dioceses which is no harm either, to have fewer bishops to be kept in style.

  • Fabianus


    “One down, several more to go.”

    They should all go. I hold no brief for religion but in my view the people should wrest control of their Churches from the clergy. The latter have shown, and continue to show, that they can’t be trusted with it.

    It’s the age-old story: give a man power and he’ll eventually abuse it. Perhaps there should be a demolition of the whole edifice of the Vatican and a return to a simpler way.

    Hmm, didn’t Luther, Zwingli et al try something similar? 😉

    But to repeat: are clergymen visiting schools regularly in possession of an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate? Does anybody here know?