“What part of digital migration that you don’t understand?”

Mark Little on his great leap into the dark… Absolutely in lock step with him on a lot of what he says, especially the algorithm that says “if you love this, this is what you’ll hate..” If you’re on Twitter, follow him at twitter.com/marklittlenews… H/T to Conall for the link

  • Mack

    Interesting, much watch it all when I get a chance…

    “the means of production are now in the hands of journalists”

    Is modern technology delivering some form of entrepreneurial communism? Or workers capitalism?

    You get the same thing in software (and probably all digital media) – the cost, in terms of capital investment, of launching a startup is trending towards zero. Instead of paying hundreds of thousands per year on database and server licenses, hardware costs etc, as was the case 10 years ago. A sophisticated tech company can run on less than a couple of grand. The workers can easily own the means of their own production.

    The problem is driving / purchasing / monetising traffic isn’t neccasarily cheap or easy…

  • Mick Fealty

    I agree. And to be fair to Mark, although he maps to the processes as well as anyone, he doesn’t claim to have an answer to that last problem.

    I would say it is probably something like the former rather than the latter. You are nothing in this connected world without the community. And value depends on the net being more collaborative, and less me me me…

    One of the most enlightening pieces I read on this recently was this piece in the FT http://url.ie/4aqg on just how Rupert Murdoch managed to kill myspace by switching his focus on that project to his acquisition of Dow/WSJ.

    If you once forget this is first and foremost about the community, and secondarily about income the golden goose is as good as dead.

  • Mack

    Me me me rarely works in capitalism though (at least for consumer facing start ups).

    I saw a flyer for a hotel in south Armagh recently that contained “People before profit is our motto”, it’s also the motto of the Socialist Workers Party. Businesses normal use “Customer first” or something similar to ascribe the same meaning..