Online campaign to bankrupt BNP

Over on my own blog, Northern Notes, I posted a piece the other day focusing on an online campaign to bankrupt the British National Party. The long and short of it is that the BNP appears to use another name for certain projects- British Heritage- to which people can send correspondence via a freepost address (British Heritage FREEPOST).

According to Royal Mail, for recipients “Freepost NAME replies cost 42p per item, with no handling fee.” In other words, every time the BNP receives post addressed to its freepost address, they have to fork out 42p.

I’d imagine that it would take more than this to bankrupt the BNP, but it is fascinating to observe the emotions the party evokes and that people are thinking of such creative ways to undermine it. It is also interesting to note the random responses I got to my post- obviously some people surf Google for any mention of the BNP.

I also spotted the question of cross-over between the BNP and ‘British Heritage’ appearing closer to home, with the party denying that it held a meeting at Larne Football Club recently. According to the Larne Times, “the event at Larne FC social club on the Station Road was organised by British Heritage, said by the BNP’s regional organiser Paul Stevens to be “a group who support the aims of the BNP”.”

  • Sean

    So they are using publically funded athletic fields for political purposes? Where is the unionist outrage on this?

    Rightt double standard I forgot

  • Garza

    Sean, I am outraged!

    Any better? Bet not.

  • 6countyprod

    So is this Slugger’s contribution in helping to bankrupt the BNP?

  • I shall be writing a number of letters to British Heritage outlining my sympathy for them in this matter. What’s their address again Gary?

  • Skintown Lad

    sean – I doubt many unionists know anything about it. Certainly first I heard of it. Yes, it’s outrageous, no double standard at all.

  • Dave

    It’s to see that the anti-democratic sentiments of the UK’s fascists are alive and well, as evidenced in this campaign to censor free political speech and political parties, but it’s a shame that said fascists’ intellect doesn’t match the scale of their ambitions.

    [i]In an emergency situation where it is to the mutual benefit of Royal Mail and the Customer, Royal Mail will [b]terminate this Licence within 48 hours[/b], in which case:

    11.1 Any Response Services items received by Royal Mail after termination will be treated for all purposes as mail which is to be returned to the sender or disposed of by Royal Mail; and

    11.2 Royal Mail shall refund any unexhausted balance of the money paid on account in accordance with clause 3.4 above less any sum due to Royal Mail.[/i]

    All that would happen is that the BNP would lose its £45 deposit with Royal Mail for its one year licence to use the service, and the fascist muppets who sent the malicious mail would be morally and legally liable to Royal Mail for any costs suffered by that company as a result of their actions. I hope that some of them as actually stupid enough to include their address but I suspect that their lack of moral courage would guide them to avoid being held responsible for their own actions.

  • The BNP did indeed come to Larne but we should allow Larne FC to explain themselves before condemning them. The BNP are coming here and telling outright lies about immigration. One example on their website is that there are no-go areas for whites in Mid Ulster!

    However, when other politicians use phrases like ‘British jobs for British workers’ or call on immigrants to be made redundant first it can be hard for the public to recognise the racist agenda of the BNP.

  • Down with democratically elected politcal parties and the understandable fears of their 1 million voters!!!

  • Brian MacAodh

    Don’t combat their ideas, just bankrupt them.

  • Dave

    Of course Royal Mail aren’t going to become a tad suspicious when one million freepost letters drop into post boxes in one day addressed to British Heritage up from probably a couple of dozen a day as specified in their contract with British Heritage and therefore they won’t ring British Heritage and ask them if they are aware of this and if they have the money to pay for it. Nor, indeed, would British Heritage make Royal Mail aware of the planned fraud and strictly limit their own contract to a specified amount of mail. Both groups are indeed as thick as the fascists who are planing to censor free politcal speech and therefore this genius idea will be a rip-roaring success. In reality, the sender will become liable to Royal Mail for the cost of the malicious mail, so let’s hope that their high principles aren’t undermined by refusing to put their return address on the envelope so that they can pay the money to Royal Mail that they will owe to them when their letter is returned. However, it is more likely that Royal Mail will simply bin all the junk mail and call in the police to track down those responisble for organising it so that they can be sued by Royal Mail for the financial loss that the company suffers as a result of it.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’ve gotta agree with some of the comments above. The BNP and support groups are legal organisations with an electoral mandate.

    ‘No Free Speech for Fascists’ has proven to be a failed tactic, and seems almost contradictory.

    Fight the ideas, debate the issues – silencing them seems like an admission your position cannot win in open discourse.

    What is slightly ridiculous in this is the posters/campaigns from the Trotskyite left to ‘shut down’ the BNP call centre etc. when everyone knows they won’t and never have done any ‘shutting down’ in Ireland and have to a man rejected direct action over other issues.

    Fighting fascism by a few posters near the tech – go the Trots.

  • slug

    Larne FC should not be leasing its premises to this party.

  • exile

    Oh dear. Now the facists will have to dream up other means by which to deny fellow facists their right to free speech:

  • exile

    *fascists (schoolboy error, apologies)

  • RepublicanStones

    Voltaire and all that….

  • PN

    The BNP MOPEry is strong in this thread.

  • Jimmy Sands

    So having told their would be recruits they could write to them for free, not only will the candidate stromtroopers not be getting a reply, they have now had their names passed to police. If any police officers wrote in, they’re going to be particularly impressed.

    Master Race eh?

  • Exile,

    Does that mean all BNP post is now being routed through Belfast?

  • james

    So the IFA beg money off Europe for anti-racism initiatives, yet make no comment when one of its clubs decide to host a BNP event !

  • exile

    I’m no BNP expert, Gary, but it definitely seem that way. Isn’t their call centre out in county Down somewhere?

  • exile

    *it would definitely seem that way..