Online campaign to bankrupt BNP

Over on my own blog, Northern Notes, I posted a piece the other day focusing on an online campaign to bankrupt the British National Party. The long and short of it is that the BNP appears to use another name for certain projects- British Heritage- to which people can send correspondence via a freepost address (British Heritage FREEPOST).

According to Royal Mail, for recipients “Freepost NAME replies cost 42p per item, with no handling fee.” In other words, every time the BNP receives post addressed to its freepost address, they have to fork out 42p.

I’d imagine that it would take more than this to bankrupt the BNP, but it is fascinating to observe the emotions the party evokes and that people are thinking of such creative ways to undermine it. It is also interesting to note the random responses I got to my post- obviously some people surf Google for any mention of the BNP.

I also spotted the question of cross-over between the BNP and ‘British Heritage’ appearing closer to home, with the party denying that it held a meeting at Larne Football Club recently. According to the Larne Times, “the event at Larne FC social club on the Station Road was organised by British Heritage, said by the BNP’s regional organiser Paul Stevens to be “a group who support the aims of the BNP”.”