“no one has the right to act as judge, jury and would-be executioner”

We haven’t heard about the ongoing “bid to exert control in nationalist areas in particular” for a while. The BBC reports that

Two men have been taken into an alleyway in Londonderry’s Creggan area and shot in the legs. The attack, at Central Drive, happened at about 1800 GMT on Friday. The victims were taken to hospital and both are in stable conditions. Police attempting to help the men were attacked by groups of youths throwing missiles and fireworks. One petrol bomb was also thrown.

According to SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey

“We do not operate the law of jungle here in Derry or indeed anywhere else in the North.”

The evidence would suggest otherwise. Or even otherwise…

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  • Coll Ciotach

    I thought Pat Ramsey was a victim of the law of the jungle in that he had to vacate the home he lived in

  • Padraig

    I met Pat once, the total ego driven political careerist,

    sick making

  • JoMax

    Oh I see Padraig, this punishment shooting was organised and executed by Pat Ramsey so that he could get some media exposure to feed his his ego?

    How silly of me not to realise this!

    I hope someone tells you that the rule is to play the ball not the man.

  • ket monster

    raad are been run by a bouncer from the city who is an ex provie. his name has been plastered on wall alleging hes a tout by other ex provies. he likes gambling. especially poker. and he uses the drug money he extorts to play poker in killea on saturday nights. there is an interesting post concerning their extortion on the irsp forum.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    You can take a fella out of the hood, but I ugess you can’t take the hood out of the fella…

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

  • googoogaga

    “the total ego driven political careerist”

    unlike the majority of them?

  • I was speaking to a woman from creggan a few days after Tony Dalzell? (or somebody like that) was shot in a punishment attack. According to her the punishment attacks are becoming increasingly popular up there as police are doing “damn all about the drug dealers and the ‘bad gitts’ in the nationalist areas of Derry City”

    I agree with it 100%, if these 2 blokes are druggies i have no sympathy for them what so ever.. who needs scumbags like that polluting the community. If they wanna deny an order to cease their activities or deny an expulsion order, then give them the last resort and let them have it.