Social Welfare Bill Debate :- Unparliamentary language.

Tension rising in the Dail, Paul Gogarty of the Green’s party deals with Emmet Stagg. Listen here And here he is in his full glory:

  • ga ga Go go

    truly a fine performance from gogarty. At least he didnt start rolling on the floor.

  • Drumlins Rock


  • DC

    Well done, well said.

    It’s called going for broke whenever you know your society’s broken.

  • Guilt is something Gogarty clearly finds it impossible to bare, instead he swipes out, stamps his feet and cries it was’nt me gov up yours!

    It is shocking to witness how the Green party has disgraced itself, from the day they decided to entire the FF coalition, it has been one low act after another ending up where they now are, and still they keep digging, kidding themselves there is some sort of honour in cutting working class peoples wages and benefits.

    It is not as if the Green party leadership were not warned if they lie down with dogs, they will get up with fleas.

  • DC

    Freedom or “eff you” is just another word for nothing else to lose.

    The Irish version of Downfall?

  • Greenflag

    Never mind the language just look at the empty benches . Where are the rest of the f**kers ?

    Probably in the Dail bar ruling/ruining the country .

    Doesn’t Emmet Stagg Look a bit like a younger Alan Greenspan . At least the latter can claim he only screwed the USA economy and not some rent boy in the Phoenix Park. Deputy Shortall would never hear such language on the ground in her Dublin NW constituency 😉

  • Paddy Matthews

    He has form:

    To paraphrase a comment on, as mad as a box of the frogs that John Gormley intends to spend €120k on counting.

  • Mark McGregor

    What a lapper. He swears and then immediately withdraws and says sorry – fuck him and fuck the Greens. No apology will be forthcoming.

  • I would agree with the others who say that Gogarty has no excuse, and that his self-pitying justification is deeply unconvincing.

  • drumcondra

    political suicide

  • Garza

    – cursing in parliament
    – whole parliament AWOL it seems
    – speaker with no control of the house

    I just don’t like the way the Dail does politics. Makes our freaking assembly look great.

  • SF supporter 1798

    corrupt government with zero discipline in the House. truly has let his party down a bagful. I agree with other comments he is a prat. The speaker showing no discipline as he unsuccsessfully intervenes. Speaker needs to show more authority. Imagine 1 of our elected Reps spoke like this. Shame on Gogarty

  • Turgon

    SF supporter 1798,

    Yes Grogarty’s remarks are terrible. Language like that is completely reprehensible. So is shooting people in the back of the head like Paul Butler of Sinn Fein did. Whilst I agree shame on Mr. Gogarty there are orders of magnitude of shamefulness and most reasonable people rate bad language a lot less important than murder.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Are you still in the TUV, the party of that welcomes the organizers of the Free Torrens Knight campaign ?

    Agree with the other comments, this guy is a dork. I don’t think the Greens will ever be forgiven for putting the Fianna Fellini crime family back in power.

  • Turgon

    Yes I have addressed that now on four different occasions. Tell me are you still in the party whose deputy leader helps the political representatives of the UVF?

  • DC

    “Imagine 1 of our elected Reps spoke like this. Shame on Gogarty”

    Aye right, reps are reps of the people, you must be a northern SFer for that which awaits Ireland will elicit innumerable fuck yous from the people on the street.

    Talk about pleading for more democracy then when a slice of the streets is dished up people political point score and say its terrible. Go lose your own jobs and draw down benefits then come back on here, for real.

    If I lost my job and went onto reduced benefits payments I think the reality would be harsh language.

    I wonder if Bertie’s found his bank account yet…hmmmm

  • Mick Fealty

    Ball guys. Ball!!

  • Mack

    It’s probably worth noting that we had CPI deflation of around 6%. An approx. 4% cut might possibly represent an increase in real terms.

    Although price drops were / are far from uniform, if the reverse was true (6% increase), most of us would expect an equivalent increase in benefits. So, should this work both ways?

  • nic

    I laughed anyway. Stagg definitely deserves it and in fairness to him he knew better than to engage further and sat it out. Shortall getting on her hind legs all outraged prissiness got on my tits, though – don’t ya just hate interferin’ buysbodies? Siddown ya fool

  • Comrade Stalin

    Yes I have addressed that now on four different occasions. Tell me are you still in the party whose deputy leader helps the political representatives of the UVF?

    I’ve never been in a political party whose members have campaigned for the release of a man convicted of assault, Turgon. You are. That’s why your lectures above about bad people really have no credibility at all.

  • Turgon

    Yes you are the one who tells us your party is opposed to terrorists yet your deputy leader assisted the political representatives of the UVF.

    A member of the TUV supported Knight’s release: it is not party policy and the man who did the supporting has no leadership role. That is in stark contrast to your UVF representative helping deputy leader.

    In addition we in TUV are opposed to all terrorists being released early. I believe the Alliance Party supported the release of the terrorists in the Belfast Agreement.

    Those in glass houses Comrade.

  • JD

    “Never mind the language just look at the empty benches . Where are the rest of the f**kers ?”

    I’d be more disturbed if everyone was sitting on the benches. Every TD has a monitor with the proceedings being broadcast in their office so they can work away. It allows them to concentrate on things that matter to their constituents like getting trees clipped, potholes filled and medical card applications.

    Unfortunately that is what people elect them to do – not make legislation.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Those in glass houses Comrade.

    I’m not in a glass house. Naomi Long did nothing that was inconsistent with Alliance policy which permits engagement and dialogue with those observing a credible ceasefire. And yes, like 71% of the population, we did indeed vote for a broad Agreement which incorporated *conditional* prisoner releases. I make no apology for that.

    There is no inconsistency on my part as I’ve already supported Knight’s release from prison once. The Agreement came with clear rules that those released would serve their sentences if they went back to their crimes. Those rules are being followed.

    It seems fair to say that not only did this TUV member support the early release mechanisms in the Agreement, but he opposed the safety mechanism in the Agreement to ensure that those released did not re-offend – calling for an unconditional release, as it were. This TUV member therefore did something that was completely and totally inconsistent with TUV policy. Therefore the scenarios cannot be compared.

    There was a very simple solution available to Jim – expel the member. That way there would be no ambiguity. But Jim didn’t do this. Why not ? What kind of things would a TUV member have to do to get expelled ?

    As long as you remain a TUV member, and as long as you keep banging on with your old bile about prisoner releases, powersharing, and the Agreement, I will keep reminding you and everyone else here of the very simple fact that you share a political party with individuals that believe in the unconditional release of loyalist terrorists. You are the one who believes in simple moral principle, or so you say, so the choice for you is very simple. So why haven’t you left the TUV ?

  • Wilde Rover


    “Unfortunately that is what people elect them to do – not make legislation.”

    Sad but true. PRSTV with multi seater constituencies, at least in the Irish case, do not like TDs who spend too much time legislating and not enough time fixing the parish pump.

  • @greenflag Stagg resembled Cheney more than Greenspan to me in that pose. All he needed was the white cat Cheney (like all good villains) surely has.

  • Pomme de Tayto

    ‘The compliments fly when the quality meet’ to paraphrase/quote the immortal Brendan Behan …What might properly be described as a ‘Tourette’s de force’…! Bad but not banned apparently…a breach of the spirit if not the letter of the Parliamentary Code and ungentlemanly to boot…guess he’s not wearing a tie because it was taken from him along with his shoelaces at the entrance…and to think I was shocked to hear the term ‘cute-hoorism’ in a broadcast of a Dail debate…it ain’t big, it ain’t clever, and it certainly ain’t pretty…High comedy tho’..!

  • Turgon

    As you well know Naomi Long did much more than that. She helped and cooperated with the cheerleader in chief for the UVF. At the time it happened you tried to deny it had happened and now you are trying to justify it.

    Simple question: was Long right to help the political representatives of loyalist butchers? Are you going to call for her expulsion?

    Remember she is your deputy leader and not some random member.

    Now I have and will continue to condemn Collins’s stand which is very clearly not party policy.

    Will you condemn Long or are her actions in helping the cheerleaders of loyalist murderers Alliance Party policy?

  • Turgon

    Forgot to note Comrade: you regard the UVF ceasefire as credible. What about the murder of Mr. McCord or Lisa Dorrian? Or do their murders not count.?I suppose you also conveniently ignore the UVF’s involvement in drug dealing, prostitution and general unpleasant criminality.

    Clearly Comrade the Alliance Party do not mind that the UVF feed like a parasite off working class unionist communities. Well of course Alliance do not mind as it has no effect on middle class areas.

    Again I ask Comrade will you condemn Naomi long for her support for and assistance to the cheerleader in chief of a violent illegal and immoral terrorist organisation? The fact that you regard an illegal organisation’s claim of a ceasefire as legitimate makes you little better than a cheerleader yourself. Hence, I guess your hypocrisy is understandable.

  • DC

    Turgon, you’re asking for assurances off the wrong person; why don’t you just write to Naomi Long yourself!?

    I’m thinking she might just be able to knock you out of battle.

  • Turgon

    Comrade Stalin raised the issue and asked me about Mr. Collins. Now I have condemned Collins’s actions and I am now asking him to condemn Naomi Longs’s assistance to the cheerleader in chief for loyalist terrorists. Since Comrade Stalin raised the issue he would seem to be the appropriate one of whom to ask the question.

    If in addition Ms. long wants to explain her assistance to the PUPs leader then I will await her response.

  • Guest

    About time!
    pity he’s d4ite fokker

  • Comrade Stalin

    Simple question: was Long right to help the political representatives of loyalist butchers? Are you going to call for her expulsion?


    Why don’t you tell the Slugger readership about this “help and co-operation” that was afforded to Purvis ?

    Now I have and will continue to condemn Collins’s stand which is very clearly not party policy.

    Your condemnation doesn’t amount to much, as you’re still sharing a party with him. You still haven’t explained why he couldn’t be expelled, and you haven’t explained either what exactly a TUV member would have to do in order to be expelled.

    As I suspected all along, you’re just another unionist in a long line of those who isn’t serious about matching words with actions when it comes to loyalist paramilitaries.

  • Turgon

    So you are not willing to condemn Long: how unsurprising! You are simply another in a long line of people who are not serious about opposing terrorists. Your pathetic attempts to divert away from this is unsurprising.

    I will not be chased out of the party by one person doing something immoral which we have all condemned: what happens to Collins is awaited. I cannot expel Collins but I can and have condemned him. Jim Allister cannot expel him: our party has a system of democracy.

    Collins has only just done what he has done whereas Long did it ages ago. Also Collins is a minor member of our party whereas Liong is your deputy leader.

    Now I have condemned Collins: will you condemn Long? Or actually are you simply another in a long line of pathetic Alliance types who pretend concern about violence but in reality are happy to cosy up to the representatives of the murderers?