“This project is another example of devolution delivering for local people.”

As the BBC report, Northern Ireland Arts Minister, the DUP’s Nelson McCausland, has announced that the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure is to provide £10.76million of the overall project cost of £17.56million for the Belfast Metropolitan Arts Centre in St Anne’s Square in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

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  • slug

    Money well spent.

    With the University of Ulster moving to that area, and the new (replacement for Yorkgate) Railway Station at Gamble Street, this whole area is full of excitement – arts, higher education, eating out, and fantastic nightlife.

  • The Raven

    Indeed. This really IS to be welcomed.

    Nelson, of course, can just ***k off.

    However, one caveat…let’s see how open it *really* is the hoi-polloi, and not just a closed shop for the elite… There are three or four “arts centres” within a ten mile radius of me, and they certainly do NOT encourage the commoners to participate.

  • Jo

    This is good news. Well done to DCAL.

  • loki

    Who’s paying for the rest?

  • Moochin Photoman

    Yup it is welcome though there are some questions as to whether or not we need another theatre given the current rebuilding of the Lyric. Questions have been voiced within the artistic community that i’ve heard (on a Friday in the John Hewitt)
    To be fair to the Old Museum Arts Centre (OMAC) they have a good track record with their outreach programme and the current building really isn’t fit for purpose. However they perhaps have alienated the Hoi-Polloi aside from others within the artistic community.
    They have ploughed a lonely furrow in pursuing this new building (upsetting some of the already established organisations in the Cathedral Quarter) but i wish them well and look forward to seeing the finished building

    (submit word see….as in wee shall see!)

  • 6countyprod

    Raven, you do have a rather spiteful streak, don’t you?

    I think you deserve a yellow card for abusive and unsporting language.

  • slug

    One of the things that annoys me about Belfast is the lack of exciting cutting-edge drama.

    There is also no dedicated Art Gallery a complete lack of challenging Opera (despite a great venue for opera), and a lack of adventurous repertoire from Ulster Orchestra.

    The Ulster Orchestra can put on interesting and challenging pieces, such as we saw in the BBC’s Lunchtime Invitation concerts last August in the Ulster Hall (which is a fantastic concert hall), but the main season lacks a lot of exciting, more challenging, content.

    Frustrations, frustrations.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Yeah, the world starts and ends in Bell-faast.

  • PUDabout

    Can we give yellow cards to actors who fluff their lines too, and maybe red ones to those who turn up tired and emotional?

  • Moochin Photoman

    Slug if you want cutting edge you’d do worse than go to the Black Box next Thursday for Pigeon and Plum…….tues and weds are already sold out but i couldn’t recommend it highly enough

  • paddy

    belfast artists were alway famous for DRAWING the bru

  • Panic, These ones like it up em.

    Why would the DUP bring an end to devolution when they get to make nice sweet announcements like this.

  • paddy

    belfast media group will now want 1 built in their galetok quarter for oirish speaking actors

  • Column Walker

    This would have happened regardless of devolution.

    Shame about the sh*te new building it has to be attached to.

  • Panic, These ones like it up em.

    Column Walker said

    “14.This would have happened regardless of devolution.

    Shame about the sh*te new building it has to be attached to”

    Ah sure we know that but

    Politicians love announcing this sort of thing (its as near to their Oscars acceptance speech as it gets)

    There would be tears before bedtime if its taken away

  • RG Cuan


    There already is an Irish language theatre in An Chultúrlann, and a Gaelic drama also recently toured at The Baby Grand.

    Can’t access this MAC’s site on my phone, what facilities will it actually have?

  • Jo

    Time and again we get “Devolution isn’t working” – a mantra similar to “the unions are holding this country to ransom” and the like.

    I think we neeed to consider whose interests such trite sayings serve.