Newstalk editorial – Pre Budget Statement

Newstalk, a national Irish commercial radio station, have taken the unusual step of releasing a pre-budget editorial statement, repeated at intervals throughout the day. Already it is generating controversy online. From thepropertypin to to Irish Election. I largely agree with both it’s tone and it’s content, others seem upset that a radio station would take such a clear and unambiguous stand.

Scarcely has any politician in the history of our State faced such difficulties as those which face the Taoiseach now. The challenge is daunting. It calls for strong and determined leadership. The decisions required will be difficult to accept. Brian Cowen must now assert his authority.

Never before has a budget been so important. Our cost base needs radical adjustment; we must all reduce our living standards. Our country cannot afford to pay our politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses and accountants more than our European counterparts. We can no longer afford to out price ourselves against our nearest neighbours. We must compete against Newry and Bratislava. Competitiveness is essential if we are to create jobs for our young, educated and newly unemployed men and women.

The future holds much uncertainty and dark days of difficulty but together, working for each other and as a nation we can rebuild our country.

Taoiseach, please lead us, let’s not meander.

You can read or listen to the full thing here

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