Ford asks Sinn Fein and the DUP for their overdue homework on P&J…

According to the party presser: “Alliance Leader David Ford has said that his party will not nominate a candidate for Justice Minister until there is agreement on a policy programme for the Department of Justice and genuine progress on community relations strategy. He has written to both the First and Deputy First Ministers to inform them of this”. And Ford himself has said:

“We cannot nominate a candidate for Minister until a policy programme for the new Department is agreed and there is real and public progress on a new community relations strategy.

“There must be an agreed policy programme so that the new Minister can deliver immediately. Policing and justice are far too important to have them becoming issues around which political games are played.

“Alliance always does what is best for Northern Ireland and we will be constructive. We cannot however nominate a candidate for Justice Minister until these two issues are dealt with.

“The DUP and Sinn Fein need to demonstrate they are serious about making devolved justice work. They must face the realities of what is needed to have effective government. These two matters are essential for Northern Ireland to ensure a stable, peaceful and shared future and an Executive that delivers for the people.

The policy framework would be another of those things the First Minister accused the deputy First Minister’s party is dragging its heels on.. The second would be a matter that both incumbents of OFMdFM would rather just simple ‘went away’… without daring to further speak its own name…

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  • Alliance party adopt DUP policy of condition led rather than calendar led. Sinn Fein isolated on the date issue and are they about to do a Trimble and pull down the Assembly? How times have changed with republicans rather unionists walking away, demonstrating their lack of confidence in what they created.

  • granni trixie

    But the difference between Alliance and the DUP, is that the former is not motivated by self interest but pointing out the blindingly obvious, having presumably learnt lessons from Education for instance where lack of a process leading to agreed policy has cost dearly.

  • granni trixie,

    Alliance not motivated by self-interest? They’re more filled with self-interest than even sf or the dupes! That really takes some doing!

  • slug

    Let us see whether Alliance have the balls to tough this out, or whether, as in the past, they cave in to pressure the first moment it’s applied.

    Alliance – figut for your agenda! This is your moment.

  • aquifer

    David Ford should not expect SFDUP messers to write joint policy or produce agreed legislation. He must write it for them and tell them take it or leave it.

  • slug

    If my instincts are right, Alliance will not do anything that is bad for the so-called “Process” and so they will cave in on this, if it falls to them to take a firm line.

  • slug

    Basically, one suspects that Alliance will always put the “Process” ahead of its own party’s agenda. As soon as the NIO and the other parties put pressure on Alliance, they will not hold things up to promote cohesion and integration, or even to promote this (highly sensible) idea of working out a policy programme for the new minister before he is appointed.

    But I am watching and willing to change my mind of them….

  • igor

    “Alliance ……. This is your moment.”

    Slugger does surrealism