The Minister and the far from uncommon case of the ‘stolen’ photo…

Mairtin has an interesting story. Yesterday he spotted one of his paper’s photographs on the culture Minister’s blog, and he quotes St Columcille in support of the copyright law… The picture has since been removed… Now as Mairtin notes himself we’ve all ‘borrowed’ other peoples’ work. Indeed many blogging software makes it too easy to do so. But he looks to the Minister for some kind of leadership on this. For the Slugger Awards Moochin Photoman put his photographs available under a Creative Commons licence which makes the photographers work available for republication, but under certain conditions. As Mark points out, this has certain limitations (mostly, I would suggest, because people don’t know about it). Early in the new year we’ll be running a training session for our contributors and the use of Creative Commons licence will be part of a session on using the huge amount of excellent photographs becoming available through the flickr Northern Ireland and other groups… The Minister would be welcome to come along…

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  • 6countyprod

    Good to know that Slugger bloggers never use ‘stolen’ photographs or ‘plagiarize’ the words of others.

  • Mutley

    Bloggers stealing photo’s I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes lol

  • The Raven

    Mick, please do remember to post details of the training session. Many thanks.

  • keithbelfast

    at least nelson is getting into the blogging thing 100%. next he’ll be uploading mp3s…

  • willis

    I think if Nelson thought that he could be accused of republication he would have to leave the Orange Orer.

  • Nelson is fairly selective about the comments he’s allowing to be published. Perhaps the role of Culture Minister includes the role of Press Censor?