“Yet this could be a pyrrhic victory..”

As yesterday’s hint of blue sky looks like being clouded over, again, by more comments from Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness, BBC NI political editor Mark Devenport makes the important point that “the Deputy First Minister and other Sinn Fein politicians are increasingly talking themselves into a corner” over their latest manufactured “crisis”. And he has a good assessment of the potential pros, and cons, to that party of collapsing Stormont. Adds Ken Reid predicts processing ahead. Update From another BBC report

Mr Robinson said he did not know what to make of Mr McGuinness’ remarks and said it would be a “massive mistake” if he resigned as deputy First Minister. He said he thought they were making progress, only to find Mr McGuinness was “ratcheting up the threat levels once more”. “How can you do business when somebody behaves in that way?” he said. “Trying to hike up a crisis isn’t going to help anybody to resolve these issues.”