Bill of rights “will simply waste more time and money”

In his first contribution to Comment is Free, Owen Polly takes a swipe at the NIHRC and it’s advice to the Government.

  • just wonderin’

    The fact that people do not respond to
    tod-ler is representative of the fact that the people of NI are not intersted in BOR, rightly or wrongly.

  • It may be that a Bill of Rights will be very, very slow, producing little. Though maybe that will be positive, a human thing. Maybe better than nothing, in terms of human endeavour working to something out of the roadside ditch of “It’s certainly not me [unsaid but harrumphed], but all of the truth is it’s you over there”, N.I politics. Perhaps the time is ripe for people who really do give a damn and know how to discern (not merely that they know they want to know how to discern or have a feeling they might themselves trust) to object to quasi-moronic people making the good bits of the American Constitution etc. over 15 years, when lots of Ulster children could do a great job of that in less than 2 years, with many dinners, coffees and nice bowties (kids dinners don’t cost much).