• Gerry’s getting old!

  • Don’t worry, Gerry.

    It could be worse…

    …At least you’re not Tiger Woods this week.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    WTF — or should that be LOL?

  • Mark McGregor

    Am I going mad? It is Louis Walsh with those three random guys?

  • oneill

    Classic from

    “And heres your first pension payment Gerry.

    The Queen herself wrapped it.”

  • Mark McGregor

    Since we are playing the caption game:

    ‘The swine flew?’

  • Sean

    undercover brother

  • Bing

    Handler ‘Gerry are you happy to take Martin’s bung as well as your own?’

    Gerry ‘Sure. Both envelopes in the bag, right? Wtf, who’s that with the camera?’

  • Mayoman

    “Now to ditch the british baggage!!”

  • Mandlebrot

    “the powers of a bag full of semtex”

  • John East Belfast

    Gerry sends a message to the Partitionist Irish Treasury Minister whilst welcoming some civil servants showing of their purchases on a recent shopping trip north of the border

  • The Raven


    “My friends went away on holiday, and all they brought me back was….”

  • wild turkey

    ‘Adams introduces new education minister…

    Ruane packs bags and takes lead in SF unionist outreach initiative.’

  • IRIA

    “Adams (2nd from Left)poses for a picture”.

  • joeCanuck

    Guy on the right is singing “We’ve got the money, Northern Bank money….”

  • Scap

    “The annual FRU reunion party started off before they had even left the airport.”

  • Seimi

    Rumours of another Spice Girls reunion abound…

  • Seimi

    Gerry Adams’ agent sacked as cover for new book released…

  • latcheeco

    Gerry always did love to surround himself with camp followers

  • bangordub

    Can you get Channel 4 to put up a prize for the best one?
    This has legs!

  • iluvni

    Even stranger than that photo, Adams walks through the ‘nothing to declare’ channel everytime.

  • joeCanuck


    Follow the link at the top. They have a contest; don’t know if there’s a prize.

  • bangordub

    Cheers Joe

  • bangordub

    By the way,
    1.It looks like an Airport.
    2.The Airport is totally empty apart from this group
    3.Look at Gerrys expression, then at the 3 eejits


  • Guest


  • Arty Renny

    What is David Vance thinking with that Eoghan Quigg bird’s nest haircut?

  • Guest

    I’ve nothing to declare except the mad brit lad behind me.

    I’m sorry sir but you’ll have to pay extra for him

    Ah just put it on peter’s account.

    sorry sir;but that account is closed.

    Well then his wifes’.

    sorry sir.Closed too.

    Ah just put on the english.

    Yes sir.Why didn’t you say so sir.

  • USA

    “Sinn Fein meet with top TUV electoral candidates.”

  • Big Bopper

    Gerry meets the Special Reconnaisance Regiment in impromptu moment at St Angelo airfield bar. Following blokey conversation about Arlene Foster they offer to carry his bag.

    Photo by Ken Harbinson who thought they were Haopa Tel Aviv supporters going to Celtic Park?

  • USA

    On a different note, I actually thought the picture was quite encouraging in a way. They seem to have bumped into each other at the airport. I thought Gerry looks genuinely pleased to participate and the other 3 guys evidently think its a hoot.

  • riverlagen

    Finally the evidence that proves Gerry is being paid by the British Exchequer to do their dirty work.

  • Garza

    I know this is funny, especially from a unionist point of view. But this is encouraging that times are a changing.

  • Dewi

    Sinn Fein open their Shankhill Road office.

  • Seimi

    The SF delegation to Willie Wonka’s factory pause for a photo-op with an Oompa-loompa…

  • salem

    yeoooooo Its our gerry !

  • Joe Mc Cabe

    ‘Gerry meets up with his old handlers’

  • Conor

    Four Poofs and a piano head off on tour with their newest member to promote their “Give peace a chance tour”

  • Dixie Elliott

    The two to the right of Gerry are Stan the tan Orange man and Drug-dealer Doug. The guy on the left is an undercover customs officer heavily disguised as Louie Walsh…

    Stan: “A bag of drugs Gerry…Good Heavens no! Sure our Doug is the UDA’s equivalent of The Chancellor of the Exchequer, he’s responsible for all economic and financial matters. …Do yer Alistair Darling thing way the bag Doug.”

    Doug: “Tae keep up way the rate o’ inflation I have put £3 on the price o’ E-tabs!”

    Stan: Fur f-cks sake Doug cant ye keep yur trap shut?”

    Undercover Guy: “Over here guys I believe these three are in possession of an illegal substance!”

    Doug: “Fur f-cks sake Stan you towel me Adams would have diplomatic immunity!”

  • A N Other

    “Gerry & The Kneebreakers”

  • PmcM

    So long suckers!!

  • I wonder would a hardline unionist/loyalist politician stand in a photograph with a few lads with celtic/ireland jerseys and tricolours? Hmmm I wonder….

  • willis

    It certaily makes me think the better of him. Who knows they might have been constituents who had given up on Diane Dodds.