“What the NIO spooks and PSNI’s political detectives have forgotten..”

As Mark mentioned, also following Martin McGuinness’ grandstanding in Tullamore, Sinn Féin passed the script back to the same little known placeman as before, the party’s national chairman Declan Kearney – this time commemorating “an unbroken chain of republican struggle” at a parade in Dunloy. The BBC report picks up on the warnings of unspecified “political consequences”, but there’s also this line from his speech.

“Nor is there any acceptable role for British military forces in today’s six counties. Sinn Féin will not accept the reintroduction of any British military presence or activity; be it undercover, or otherwise.”

Presumably that’s a reference to the recent activities of the Army’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment? But what about MI5’s new £20million regional headquarters in County Down, Declan? And the 35 MI5 officers seeking anonymity in a current RIRA trial?And then there’s this section

“And, it is also no accident that in recent weeks those remaining of what we know as the political detectives have once more re-emerged in relation to a series of high profile repressive raids against Sinn Féin members. These raids are motivated by entrenched counter insurgency attitudes within the NIO. They are designed to threaten political stability and wrong-foot Sinn Féin strategy.

“It is clear that some within the NIO are determined to bring their old war mentality once more into the ascendancy. But they are picking a fight they cannot win.

“What the NIO spooks and PSNI’s political detectives have forgotten is that this strategy didn’t win the war; and no amount of recycled counter insurgency tactics will stop the momentum for political change in the six counties now.”

That would be these Sinn Féin members? The “good friend[s]” of Northern Ireland Executive Minister Conor Murphy, MP, MLA…

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  • andrew white

    Sinn Féin will not accept the reintroduction of any British military presence or activity; be it undercover, or otherwise……………

    This should read : Sinn Féin cannot stop the reintroduction of any British military presence or activity; be it undercover, or otherwise

  • Drumlins Rock

    Would SF like to explain that to the trainee policeman in Garrison, “glad your ok there mate, but next time there will be no intelligence to save your life, so just to let you know your on your own”

  • KieranJ

    Any return of British occupation troops means a return to the war and the bombings.

    It’s as simple as that.

  • Pete Baker


    “Any return of British occupation troops..”

    Missing the point somewhat.

    They haven’t gone away, you know.

    As, indeed, Sinn Féin admit.

  • NCM

    So is SF’s position that 1) republicans should tout on the “traitors” fighting British rule via continued armed struggle but that 2) SF is shocked and appalled that the British are acting on the intelligence they are thus being provided?

  • Dixie Elliott

    …What happened in Kilmichael remains inspiring to this day. And in years to come Henry and Declan will be remembered as among the bravest of the brave of our generations.

    There is no glory in war. It creates a legacy of loss, grief and pain….

    The above quote is from Kearney and shows the hypocrisy of Peace Processing Sinn Fein.

    War is inspiring when they say it is and there is no glory in war when they say so…

    Too many young men and women like Henry and Declan died so that Adams could accept the reworded Sunningdale Agreement and sell it as a negotiated settlement.

    The only inglorious thing about war Mr Kearney is the politicians who use the courage of those who fight it as a stepping stone for their own self-interest.

    James Connolly put it better than I could…

    Do not be misled by the promises of politicians. Remember that the whole history of Ireland is a record of betrayals by politicians and statesmen, and remembering this, spurn their lying promises and stand up for a United Ireland – an Ireland broad based upon the union of Labour and Nationality.

    James Connolly
    Irish Worker, April 4, 1914.

  • picador

    It wasn’t politicians who led PIRA into war. It was people who didn’t believe in politics.

  • Dave

    PIRA agreed that they were a sectarian murder gang when they agreed to be released under licence like all criminal murderers under the GFA on the exact same terms as their counterparts in the loyalist murder gangs, so they no longer claim that they were soldiers engaged in a war. Wars, of course, are fought between sovereign states, and I’m not aware of any sovereign state deciding to fight an election in another state or declaring war because it didn’t believe in that peculiar option. Still, they now have nice pensionable jobs assisting in the administration of British rule, so all’s well that ends well.

  • aquifer

    Under the GFA which army did SF imagine would defend a part of the UK against armed insurrectionism?

  • igor


    You do realise that there are still garrison troops here don’t you? Still perhaps not. That seems too complex for you

    And its great for SF to rail against a British Presence when they signed a n agreement that enshrines one.

  • igor

    “this strategy didn’t win the war”

    Oh yes it did Declan. But keep feeding the proles nonsense and perhaps they wont wake up to political reality

  • Scaramoosh

    The joke is that whereas the dissidents accuse the Shinners of copper fastening partition; the truth is, it was the IRA that cooper fastened the British military presence in Ireland.

    It took Peter Brookes’ “no selfish strategic interest” speech to waken the Shinners up to the fact, but even then, their general incompetence, combined with their big egos, meant that they could not put the break on the killing machine.