Labour’s dilemma over Goldsmith: Party or country (and the world)?

Lots of good stuff on Jeff Breslin’s blog this morning… Not least his sensible advice to Labour currently going full blast after Zac Goldsmith and his non dom status…

…the key factor in this story is that Zac Goldsmith would contribute more to the UK as Environment Secretary than he would by stumping up a tax liability that doesn’t exist.

Now Cameron is taking stick for his own anti AGW stance… The question facing Labour strategists is: do you take out Cameron’s key man (and the UK‘s if the Tories take a working majority next year) in their capacity to produce a workable policy contribution to the post 2012 environmental settlement in order to cast the rising voice of Tory climate oppositionalists as antediluvian ‘nutters’… But, then, in the process, nobble the country’s capacity to put in a credible effort in the run up to COP 16 in Mexico this time next year… Or is it more the case that when you’re cornered any outward move will do?

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  • Are you saying that Labour should hold off on the questionable personal ethics of a particular Tory politician because that politician is almost alone in being sensible on the question of climate change?

    If that stance relies upon the protection of one unproven politician, surely it really exposes Cameron’s emphasis on green issues to be the window dressing that it is? Like his cycling-with-the-limo-behind-him? Just a tool in rebranding?

  • Panic, These Ones Likes It Up Em.

    Always be wary of Tories.

    They like the rest of us to do as we are told

    And not what THEY are doing themselves

    They really do struggle to get away from them and us.

    I will repeat the ideology

    Do as we (Tories) tell you

    And not as we do ! (Tory policy short and sweet)

  • Dev

    To follow that logic, shouldn’t the Tories hold off on attacking Alistair Darling as he is more likely than Osborne to take the right economic decisions judging by previous experience? I suppose the main difference is – as noted above – Goldsmith is an unporven PPC whereas Darling actually has proven his mettle during the crisis, providing support when it’s needed but also convincing Brown of the necessity of owning up to the cuts that are surely to come.

    Mick, do you actually think it is ‘sensible’ advice to tell Labour not to attack Goldsmith becasue he MIGHT be good in govt? Yeah sure .. you’ve had your time now just lie down & die so some rather spiffing old Etonians can come a run the coutnry as it should be … but perhaps not pay tax here.