Bringing terrorism to an end and dealing with the past…

Hugh Orde is on Andrew Marr’s Start the Week programme on Radio 4 just now… It’s worth listening to for the extent to which one can extrapolate outwards to other conflict zone. Hugh Orde says closure is not what its about for victims families, what they want is details on how they met their end. Earlier on he noted:

“The sad reality of Northern Ireland is that people know exactly who it was that murdered their loved ones, very often they grew up with them or even went to school with them…”

For once, NI is only a nodal point in an absorbing conversation about how the west is handling (or mishandling) of the current hotspots… Adds: “Interesting detail Hugh Orde on the missing records says they found 90% after searching all the police stations. They even found missing PSNI/RUC records mixed in with the mortar in the attic of a bomb damaged police station…”

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