Who is taking the 5th?

Via Mick Hall, there is a piece in the London Progressive Journal on the possibility of a 5th International being convened, mainly by resurgent Socialist parties/groups in Latin America.

It is an unknown if any Irish left groups will sign up. So far, those with former/current Communist leanings seem more inclined to reject the idea – that may mean the Workers’ Party and CPI won’t be interested? Others are affiliated with the myriad of groups/Internationals claiming to be or descended from the 4th International and it remains to be seen if they join:

SWP – International Socialist Tendency
Socialist Party – Committee for a Workers’ International
éirígí – attended International Marxist Tendency (but not members)

Some that claim ‘socialism’ probably (do I mean hopefully?) wouldn’t be considered for membership.

[Any leftie nerd that wants to add the affiliation of other left parties/groups or correct ones I got wrong, please feel free]

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