When Gordon beat David (by an Irish Mile)…

It may be advertorial, but this is the best thing I’ve seen in a while in British politics

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  • DR

    think Dave would need a KFC col. Saunders style beard with it, could pull it off then.
    However any of those look better the Mandys attempt back in the 80’s

  • joeCanuck

    I’ve just received an e-Mail from David Trimble seeking my help to transfer millions into a foreign bank account.
    Why no blog on this new enterprise by our former FM?
    Btw, Trimble is an even worse speller than you are.

  • Rory Carr

    Well at least, since Lord Mandelson ‘came out’ (or, more correctly, was ‘outed’ by Matthew Parris on television in a rather bitchy little “Oops!” moment) we no longer have the dismal necessity of some of our political leaders requiring ‘beards’ in the form of a complaisant wife to disguise their real sexual preferences.

    Yet while the necessity (we would hope) has disappeared the practice yet continues among some of our more nervous politicians but is only a mandatory requirement for those male members of the royal family whose membership of Dorothy’s fan club must, alas, remain unheralded. In this regard we must all be grateful for the tender mercies of that most forgiving body of men and women – the editors of our national newspapers who are ever mindful of the spiritual caveats against the giving of scandal.

  • DR

    how did a thread on moshtaches get to homosexuality via david trimble in 3 comments?

  • joeCanuck

    Hint. Check out the Humour Archive.

  • DR

    got it now, its Richard Dawkins fault

  • DR

    just saw this on the BBC site


    how much would Dave and Gord Raise do you think?

    I will pay for sammy to loose his

  • Rory Carr

    how did a thread on moshtaches get to homosexuality via david trimble in 3 comments?

    With a lot and thought and troublesome construction of penmanship,DR. How do you manage yours?

  • DR

    I typed it like

  • Rory Carr

    Well, good for you. I can hardly wait for your next bon mot, but dinner calls.

  • I think it’s the most vivid illustration of “poor luck” in today’s U.K. wide politics, for me anyway.

    I’m so dying, dying, dying, dying to get Brown and his dark, dark deep communist reds out of British office forever, after their ‘pretty much unbroken’ series of warnings of just how fascist – communist life will be if they get elected in any small part again. This is the worst political party the U.K. must ever have sufferred, without exception. Hoping to have human rights after the next election.

    However, my rant here may just make many people of Northern Ireland as frustrated as I am that we have no say in which party or which leader by virtue of their party governs our country.

    Unfortunately, I have never come across a more red and Brownite and Blairite seeming Tory leader than David Cameron. (Nor a worse Tory leader, unfortunately.) I wish he’d gain some common sense.

    My god, it’s even – almost as if someone could have set it up – suffering the worst political party the country has ever seen; longing for something like the nice, remembered days of some of the better governing the U.K. has had in recent decades, from the last Conservative party. And it’s just rough luck that the most likely alternative, Cameron is the least Conservative, least centre-right or right wing or even dead on centre M.P. who’s been visible in that party for a very long time. What is he, then? Barmy. The most annoying parts of ‘much more left than centre’ left combined with either quite fascist right wing tendencies. Or tendencies which just copy Labour, irrespective of whether they turn out be something vaguely related to either extreme left or extreme right wing. But even that’s not as accurate as just plain barmy.

    However, not is he awful droid zombie Tony Blair neither is he reviled, very similar Gordon Brown, who still has the awful droid zombie Blair spirit hanging over him (in addition to his own awfulness). Thank god Cameron is not them. So out they go, I deeply hope. But he’s not much better.

    Did god put Cameron there for the poor, forgotten Liberals to get their years of recognition this century from a hung parliament outcome with the Tories? Maybe that’s just my wishful thinking. Anyway, it’s too obvious, I’m sure god or the gods don’t work that way anyway. But, actually there’s no other way, sensibly. I really, really, really hope the good people of Great Britain can come to some Web network arrangement of tactical voting in each constituency. That’s all we can do in Nighland. Unless we nighs get into making those tactical voting websites to have some influence in our future national leader.

  • Drumlins Rock

    well done DMC, does it feel better getting all that of your chest?

  • Yes, thank you, but it’s the most relevant comment on the moustache photos set. Surely that’s why the strange people at the moustache site grasped that opportunity. Maybe it’s the most meaningful opportunity they’ve had for a long tme.

    And no, it doesn’t feel so much better because there is very little comment going around about how strange and communist Labour mirrroing like Cameron has been. Yet, it seems quite a big thing considering there must be plenty and plenty of people who feel as I do, that Labour must, must be sent packing finally. O.K., not so relevant for a Northern Irish site, but that’s only our dismay at not being able to be included when we need to be (because we can’t vote for these parties or leaders). But which one governs is as relevant to each person in Northern Ireland as any person living in Wales or wherever where the independent vote towers over these parties, meaning they won’t be elected in that contstituency.

  • Rory Carr

    As a notoriously unrepentant communist contributor to this site, G.M.C., I am happy to confirm your deepest suspicions that David Cameron is indeed a committed Red who will not be happy until all the wealth of hard working tax exiles is wrested from their deserving hands and delivered into the hands of unemployed gays, lesbians, atheists and people of a darker pigmentation. Have you noticed that it is no coincidence that the lip adornment which he wears most comfortably is the Stalin moustache?

    Why, only last week, over supper, Dave leaned across the table and said to me, “Do you realise, Rory….”….aah! but that would be telling.

  • Hmmm.

    Maybe I’ll take your joking, Rory, as a positive thing to give Cameron more ‘benefit of doubt’. Not that it has much effect for people in Northern Ireland, but for those who go to betting agents. But we can spend spare time every day posting ‘reds out’ sentiments on The Web for voters in Great Britain.

    Seriously. It’s very important. These people “New Labour” (as they had once even called themselves) are the ones who have only temporarily shelved political projects, already costing millions, to burrow, like a thick worm burrowing into skin, into our human rights.
    1. Every communication which is not in a sealed envelope or spoken where it can’t be recorded is to be stored and searched;
    and to accompany that,
    2. Enforced microchip national I.D. cards held by each and every person in the country and perhaps brought everywhere, or at least made available for presentation within a short time.

    Give me Cameron any time when faced with that.

    These two plans are merely on the back burner, possibly seeking lots of government funding while P.R. agencies are contracted for the schemes’ future sublte introductions. The ministers responsible for both political plans still claim they wish and intend to introduce both laws to the fullest sense possible. For the I.D. cards scheme, despite claims from sources that the plan would be watered down, that still means from Labour in government the plan for every person to carry a microchip I.D. card mandatorily.

    Yes, these people are deep, deep, dark fascist reds, and, scarily, seem to manage to obscure this truth to degrees as they work. Though it seems the evident communist manoeuvres are symptoms of underlying deep irrationality over years, innate or whatever. It seems Labour would be delivering what ‘Al Queda’ or whoever wants, on a plate for them. Isn’t this only the terrorist solution to terrorism, obviously?

    You may, in searching for any real content in their time as leaders, recall who these wasters and human-rights-killer conspirers were before recently. Cast your mind back to search for virtue in their jobs, and to find just what they may be remembered for most. They’re the people who told us for months that our country will be saved by Roulette and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, indeed lots and lots of that, this even being the number one political story for quite a while. The Super Casino government who, thankfully, didn’t have their number come up for that one. The issue became just one of a series of taunts at the British public by the rulers, by virtue of public opinion reducing plans to taunts only.

    So the home front has been a pernicious time of waste whilst the international position became and has remained one of awfulness. At home, still, ridiculousness continued. They were the people, under Brown, to make front pages by introducing some youngsters to property rates tax on their playspaces via their parents – the garden treehouse tax. What little sum is reaped from that attack on freedom and happiness then?

  • Perhaps what they will be remembered most for, forever, is as the party who have showed in an immensely sad way the absurdity (very, very bloodily stupid) in itself of a special relationship with The U.S.A. This time, the silliness of a relationship in itself, in its worst form when it is itself for power shows, a.k.a. bullying. People do now think of these people in leadership in connection with the deaths, struggle and hard, personal years to come on both sides and the terrible position of those British persons fighting. The party in government under Blair who dropped the allegedly favoured diplomatic pursuit over Iraq (a popular one) very suddenly just to ally with the power, a terrible power, of George Bush. The party, under Blair, with such an identity disorder people would describe as schizophrenic. The party, under Blair, who most suddenly broke from their diplomatic “interested only in weapons of mass destruction” line on Iraq, to an instant war mongering – no, we want to “change the regime” pursuit. When were the personal revelations?

    At the same time they strived to go to war in hoping to obscure their vision (and anyone else’s) of the United Nations, to convince at least themselves the U.N. doesn’t exist when they want. The timing was crucial for there was no time for other politicians to consider this well, or for any gauging at all of the British public’s attitude. That had anyway been perceived as a preference for diplomatic pursuit rather than to ally with U.S.A. against that. No other country in Europe (but Bulgaria with a stance of support) and few in the world, were to support the U.S.A. then. The U.K., under Blair, went very suddenly much further than nominal support, in a manner that seemed to establish these people have and will have no time for the public’s wants or even potential wants.

    Regarding Afghanistan, when Blair was asked if there was evidence to bring Osama Bin Laden to trial, his response was there is not sufficient evidence to indict him. No (or few) court cases could arise, but a whole war hence (over years in a place of unknown faces). For someone, somewhere must be responsible for trouble over there that was seen in terrorist acts over here, it seemed. When the Taliban agreed to bring Osama Bin Laden to trial in a neutral country George Bush said, “Guilty or not guilty … we know he is guilty.”, Bush doing more than stamping on the notion of the United Nations previously by making now sure to stamp on his country’s constitution as well. (Having seen The Zeitgeist Addendum movie, many people now know just how genuine U.S. government information agents can be as to information or acts – not at all. * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gKX9TWRyfs from 0:21:00.)

    Tony and Co. dropped everything to follow, it seemed at another stroke (slightly longer than before) confirming their absolute shallowness and cowardice in the most important political and human roles. Confirming the shallowness that had been exposed in one terrible, original, very quick stroke over Iraq. It is not surprising that there is so much talk about government-led “New World Orders”, only it seems what they mean is not new on earth, but both more widespread and somehow conspicuous (but even yet, matters are kept very tight).

    I read on the front cover of the current Time magazine the suggestion we have lived through “The Decade From Hell”, they going on state “why the next one will be better”.

    So no, by that token alone, and being hopeful, I suppose (suppose) that David Cameron leading The Conservatives really would never be nearly as bad as what has been experienced. Reading around, though, I do find views corresponding to my preference for a hung parliament to create the next government.

    My commenting wasn’t supposed to turn into a summary essay on the terribleness of the first decade of the century from a U.K. perspective. I hope there have been good things here also.

  • Removing human rights of liberty and freedom for British people as a means of answering terrorism by manifesting further terrorism is a complex thing. Creating oppression creates fear, anger and terror at an unfairly adjusted sitution. And creates fear at how leaders can react to further threats or real acts of terrorism from without, whereby our natural rights are only taken away instead of protected. Terror is further created or enhanced by the feeling that the terrorist acts from without will be seen by the perpetrators to have in very signficant, widespread ways succeeded. Also that, probably over a period of years, the terrorists would have succeeded in maintaining and perhaps developing a climate of residual terror, where victim nationals may be confused as to the source and type of terror they are suffering. This may be attained by terrorists without even having to make any further acts or threats. The access to rights and elements of identity in life once taken for granted can disintegrate.

    Terrorism is about the creation fear, chaos, confusion, often in extreme measures if possible, and notably this can include having people question their leaders if possible. It is bound up with destroying – but where the target is also beyond the local and the physical, to be as wide and as in many ways as possible. Security measures as a reaction to terrorism is an expected thing, and people would be agreeable for it to go far, but only so far. But one does not want to allow groups of terrorists from countries where women can not remove veils, to create a new country here in fear from them, spiralling towards one which respects human rights and liberties little.

    The other possibility in a Western country for a terrorist response to terrorism, matching act by like acts (but vastly many more), it has been suggested has been seen already, in the war or wars. There has been a good deal of commenting that acts of war have been akin to answering terrorism with terrorism.

    I wonder if these leaders wish us to be able to ask ourselves and answer which kind of terrorist response to terrorism is the worse.

    I hope people in Great Britain who can vote don’t think the people in power might just be given another crack at the whip out of personal detatchment or something. (Like being too desensitised to care confused with that it doesn’t matter.) It matters so much, I conclude, regardless if I’m hesitant about David Cameron recently.

  • Admission: I did vote Labour in the election that first brought them into power, 1997 was it? I was living in Scotland. I was neither really Conservative nor Labour, couldn’t be bothered much with voting – probably thinking it didn’t matter, abut like the attitude I wrote above that I hope doesn’t stick this time.

    I thought Labour may be O.K. Though I liked the Tories, like many people I thought a change may be a good thing. How wrong! I wanted to vote for The Natural Law party, actually, but when it came to it the polling station, there wasn’t a N.L. canditate I could see proposed and I don’t think I was fully in control of my hand, to be honest. I wasn’t really happy with my choice within a few weeks, not because of their early performance at all, but just because I realised I didn’t know what I was doing.

  • FINALLY – that was a huge going on! I just wanted to say it’s an awful thing to have to write coming up to Christmas and the end of the decade.

    It’s far from as awful as being posted to war or having a relative or relatives in a war, though.

    It’s in part just history, so it can be put behind us, except the worst decisions mean a lot is all still going on. Tolerate no more of these decisions. The Labour party have had their time and it’s too late now for any further chance, that would be at the very best charitably but pscyhopathically naively, sponsoring personal development in public office. But those people need personally need to be let off the possibility of remaining there, for their own good firstly.