Is naming and shaming the best way to deal with teeny rioters?

We just caught the tail end of the ‘teeny riots’ in Royal Avenue last night as we came out of the Awards in the Black Box. And now I’ve just finished listening to the Stephen Nolan Show, which was lan go bheal with pet political educational and behavioural theories about what might have caused it all. Two things. This is not the first time a feral group of youths have chased others from the centre of two. One 16 year old Protestant girl recounted being chased by youths with baseball bats last year. The only concrete policy response in the whole programme was offered by DUP councillor Ian Crozier who suggested making all the CCTV footage of last nights events available (tellingly perhaps) not to the police, but the general public; with the possibility that the public could then crowd source on exactly who was doing what.