Getting ready for the Slugger Awards tonight…

For those who may have forgotten (you know who you are) a few things to brace yourself for if you’re one of the lucky few to have got a ticket for tonight’s Slugger Awards. The first on is the music. In short, we haven’t really decided what to play. Instead, we’ve got a Spotify playlist that you can add your choices to. It’s here (but please note you will need to have Spotify installed to play this game).

Secondly, we’re going to have a bit of interaction. The first 150 of you through the door will be given the loan of one of these voting handsets courtesy of those good people at Qwizdom.

We’ll be doing a few audience votes to see if the ‘wisdom of crowds’ will tell us something that we didn’t know beforehand.

  • jer

    really cool the way you are seaming the online, interactive, element of the web into an offline event. The spotify, car sharing ideas are fairly neat.

    well done and have a good night

  • granni trixie

    But don’t go getting too complicated Mick!

  • maeglin

    Can’t use spotify…

    However these may be appropriate for all those politicians, hacks and hanger-ons –

    Gold Digger – Kanye West (radio version!)

    Its a Sin – Pet Shop Boys

    If you think that God won’t get you – Dolly Parton

    Acceptable in the 80s (…and the 90s) – Calvin Harris

    House of Fun – Madness

    Gangsters Paradise – coolio

    I will survive – Gaynor


  • Mick Fealty

    Can someone else add maeglin’s contribution?

    I’m worried about the wifi connection, so the linkage on the night won’t be as good as we would have liked. I have mobile broadband, and we think we have finally cured Slugger of its cowping problem. But realistically, I’m afraid the tweets will be limited to those with smartphones…

    Next year (always presuming there is one) I’d like to ramp this connectivity up so that people can be all over this.

  • Mick Fealty

    The Spotify list is now officially blasting out in the black box… Keep them coming…

  • Mark McGregor

    What a rip-roaring success Quizdom was. Have to put that on my Santa list.