Fermanagh similar to Afghanistan

There have been a number of reports of planes flying at night in Fermanagh and there was also a recent report of a possible plane crash though nothing appears to have been found. The Army denied training with unmanned drones but did state that pilots were using Fermanagh for training purposes. An army spokesperson stated:

“As you know, with Northern Ireland being part of the UK, there is low level flying required to be done. A lot of that training, by the RAF and Army Air Corps, is done at night in order to replicate what they’ll be doing overseas.
You’re talking about certain areas of, say, Afghanistan. You have desert and arid areas and, then you have areas which are lush and full of forests and green fields, so by flying around parts of Fermanagh and Tyrone you’re making the exercise as relevant as possible.”

UUP and DUP political representatives have been relatively sanguine about these activities whereas éirígí seem more distressed.