Local Cliffhanger

Trotskyite politics is the closest you can get to honest to goodness soap opera. Don’t believe me, just read Splintered Sunrise.

It seems the Irish SWP feels left out by the storylines coming from Trot central across the sea and has a spinoff in the making.

Many of the leads are unknown having usually only publicly appeared in other programmes like; People Before Profit, Anti-racism Network, NI Anti-Poverty Network, Anti-war Movement and Anti-Water charges – never before as SWP actors.

The story is barely fleshed out and the players are currently silent on their roles but it seems the Dublin based producers wanted a young star to have an opportunity of going head to head in primetime West Belfast while the local programmers thought he had no proven ability to captivate an audience and hadn’t put in the preparation required when expecting the limelight.

So the local programmers have walked and seem intent on setting up a competing drama leaving the intellectual rights to many of their previous projects firmly in the hands of controllers they have rejected.

It remains to be seen if programming in the NW will be affected by this interruption in transmission.

Tune in next week..

  • Frank

    Is the SWP not the party of a thousand pricks?

  • Mark McGregor

    Not really. In Belfast in particular they were recently central to establishing some very successful mass progressive groups but probably just as central to their demise.

  • Frank

    Sorry, the party of four pricks

  • Frank

    Mark, what mass progressive group has recently emerged in Belfast?

  • Mark McGregor


    They were key players (and some would say ultimately divisive and damaging) in the Anti-War and Anti-Racism protests/movements in the last decade.

  • Brit

    Sharia Workers Party.

    They are not real Trots but opportunists who try to hijack or hang on to the coattails of any popular campaign.

    Their recent willingness to make common cause with clerical fascists of the Islamist variety – willing to share platforms with out-and-out Totalitarians, Homophones and Anti-semitists – mean that they have gone beyond opportunism to a full Red-Brown Strasserite programme.

  • Frank

    Mark, that would hardly qualify them as being central to producing two mass progressive groups. The ARN was always marginal despite good intent and the AWM produced one big march which was the flavour of the time throughout Ireland and Britain. Radical initiatives would have a longer shelf life if they were not allowed near them.

  • Frank

    Brit, they ended up with egg on their face over their clash with Twomey and the free speech gang at the Blanket